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Best Air Purifiers In Singapore

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Contaminated air can be hazardous for your health and your neighbor’s health. Besides washing hands, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizers, you need to do something more to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy. It can be you want to protect them from contaminated air due to eruptions, smog, or even the covid 19. Because we spend several hours with others, be it in offices or shops, paying attention to air quality in such spaces will be a great idea. In this case, having a suitable air Disinfecting machine for commercial use can help safeguard your health and that of others. Here are the best air purifiers to consider buying if you are in Singapore.

1. MI Mijia 2s OLED air purifier from Xiaomi

This minimalist and sleek cleaner is the cheapest and can fit even on a tight budget. The cleaner displays the PM2.5 index in its environment in real-time, and you can even connect it remotely to the Xiaomi Mi Home App for convenience. It features a rigid PET HEPA filter which ensures high-quality air. Moreover, the disinfecting machine’s cylindrical shape gives a 360 degrees dust, pollens, allergens, formaldehyde benzene, and animal fur filtration to PM 2.5. Uniquely, this commercial disinfecting machine removes odor and smoke, thanks to its active coconut carbon filter.

2. EuropAce True Air disinfectants

These air purifiers use three filters: a true HEPA filter that filters small pollutants, a carbon filter that filters formaldehyde and benzene and odors, and a pre-washed pre-filter for catching bigger particles. These air filters come in various models, including EPU2201T. EuropAce 3300T is the middle range type featuring UV light for getting rid of bacteria and germs. Although this air disinfectant contains an ionizer, it is tested and confirmed to be quiet and ozone-free.

3. Hitachi air purifiers

Hitachi is not only reputable in washing machines but also air purifiers as well. Their air purifiers are decent and use HEPA filters in three modes, odor, pollen, and air purifying. For better coverage, its air suction draws air from six different directions. Its filters also have an active catalytic carbon to surpass seven primary odors, smoke, cooking, pet, grilled meat, body, fish, and rotten vegetables smells.

4. Novita air purifiers

These air disinfecting machines use True HEPA filters, which only need to be changed once in two years. Although the device is not cheap, its incredible room capacity is worth it. The Novita Air Purifier NAP866 features a real-time impurity sensor and operates quietly at thirty-five decibels.

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Air disinfectants purify the air by drawing the surrounding air into the device to trap foreign materials like mold, dust, bacteria, and pollen. The machine then circulates the purified air to the room. Since several air purifiers are on the market, you might get stuck or undecided on which one to buy. Some feature True HEPA filters, which are about ninety-nine percent effective, while others feature HEPA type filters whose effectiveness is about twenty-five to ninety-five percent.

Choosing an effective Disinfecting machine for commercial use can be full of hassles. Therefore, the article has outlined some of the best air purifiers to pick from in Singapore to ease your work.

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