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Best 5 Ways to Send A Fax Without Any Machine

FAX Machine

Using fax services to send a document is the easiest way to maintain its confidentiality. However, it is challenging to use a fax machine as you do not want to limit yourself to a specific location. Therefore, you need a solution that can help you send a fax without any fax machine.

Luckily, many solutions make faxing without a fax machine possible. We did our research and found the five best platforms that offer this service to their customers.

However, before we go ahead and discuss them, here is how remote faxing works.

How Is It Possible to Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine?

There are online fax services that allow you to send a fax without a fax machine. Usually, they give you a unique fax number that sends the same command as a real fax machine. Additionally, you can upload the document instead of scanning it on a fax machine.

That way, anyone can send a fax document over the internet. It is convenient to use these solutions from your home, office, or any other place you want.

1. CocoFax

Free Fax Number

CocoFax is the most popular fax service on the internet. It helps you send or receive a fax document without using a phone cable. Therefore, it makes it much easier to share your documents with your contacts remotely.

CocoFax’s website became popular because it offers the comfort of Email services and Security of Fax services with a single solution. Hence, people can now conveniently send fax documents securely.

This website works on a unique fax number that you can create while registering on the platform. Additionally, you can attach your Gmail account so that you can access your Google Drive data to share it with a single click.

We love this platform because you can send a few fax documents without paying a single dollar on its website. All you need is to register for a free account and use the demo services to send a fax to anyone.

How to Use CocoFax?

Coco FAX

After creating an account, you will get a unique fax number. You can share it with your contacts so that they can send you documents from their fax machine or CocoFax account. Once they send you a copy, it will appear on your online account.

Similarly, you can upload a document and enter the recipient’s fax number to send a copy to their fax machine. That way, it helps you stay connected with your fax documents wherever you go.

2. RingCentral

You can easily send a fax with RingCentral as well. It is an online service that provides business solutions to small organizations. This platform offers VoIP calls and fax services to help its users stay in business with the latest technology.

They allow you to send a fax document by subscribing to one of their membership plans. Additionally, you can use VoIP services to connect with your customers. Therefore, it is more like a B2B service provider that improves the end user’s customer experience.

You can try this solution as a complete business communication tool. However, it may not come out as a reliable solution for sending fax documents only. You are paying for both the services and using a single service that can cost you more.

3. PamFax

Here is the largest fax service provider in the world. With over 200 countries, it has the largest network of tools and services for its users. You can trust PamFax for a complete solution for your fax requirements.

It allows you to send three fax pages for free. Therefore, you can check its service to find out whether it is the right application for you. Additionally, it has a free trial fax number to help you receive documents from your contacts.

The only limitation is that the number is no longer usable after the free period. Thus, you need an active membership to keep using its services.

Tip: It offers some affordable solutions. Hence, you can try the solution and compare its price with your regular cost of maintaining a fax machine to make an informed decision.

4. WestFax

The best thing about WestFax is its advanced APIs. This application has several extensions that help you send a document directly from a website. For example- If you have a document opened on your Gmail, you can directly send it to someone using its extension.

Similarly, it has many other features that make it one of the most convenient applications for sending and receiving a fax. However, we are a bit disappointed that its website layout is a bit unorganized.

The font is too large, and it seems like an unprofessional website to visit. Other than that, you can use this solution without any problem.

Note: It has one of the most advanced servers to protect your data from attackers.


Here is the last fax service on our list. But it does not mean that it is less effective than other solutions. is one of the first service providers to offer remote fax services to its users. Although its website is a bit old-fashioned, it does an excellent job of sending fax documents.

Therefore, you can trust this website to send fax documents at an affordable rate. For $10, you can send up to 300 documents that are way cheaper than most other applications.

If you can deal with this website’s interface, you will love to use it as your primary fax service provider.

Note: It will not help you receive fax documents.

Final Words

Choosing a remote platform is the right choice for work-from-home people. They can easily share confidential data through the above platforms without using a machine. Additionally, they can use these solutions to reduce the cost of sending fax documents.

You can directly upload a scanned copy from your computer or smartphone and share it with anyone you want. It will help you save paper and will work as a reliable way to communicate.

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