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Best 3 Ways to Convert EPUB to MOBI

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EPUB is an excellent source of reading and sharing ebooks among readers. If you own Kindle, you cannot read ebooks as Kindle does not support epub. It does not mean you can not read and enjoy ebooks if you have Kindle, an alternate way is available. This alternative way allows you to convert epub file to Mobi file to skim the books. After converting epub to mobi file, you can read any ebook on your Kindle app without any problem. There are many free online converters available through which you can convert an epub file into Mobi format within very less time. is a widely used and very excellent online epub to mobi file converter. It provides you the best services to convert any file into another format very quickly and easily.

How to Convert epub to mobi with

  • Go to the site
  • After this choose or drag an epub file you want to convert
  • From the 200 supported format, select the mobi file format in which you want to change the book
  • The process will start
  • After completion, download file to your computer


It is a fast, free, and very reliable epub to mobile file converter. Through this way, you can quickly be done this conversion to remove the restrictions of reading eBooks on Kindle apps. This procedure includes the following steps, which are all very easy and quick.

How to Convert epub to mobi with Caliber?

  • Download the Caliber into your mobile or laptop
  • After downloading you have to run it and select your language
  • After this select any folder
  • Select the primary reader
  • On the main screen, add that epub file you want to convert into mobi file
  • Click on the CONVERT BOOKS option
  • Then choose the Mobi format and click on OK button
  • After this, select options
  • The process of conversion will start which takes not a very long time
  • After this, you can straightly send this file to your Kindle to read it

EPUB MOBI Converter

It is another powerful and favorable free online file converter from epub to Mobi format. This program is beneficial for those who want to explore different books and forms. The steps include in this process are also very easy and provide you excellent and fast results.

How to Convert epub to mobi with

  • Download the setup of EPUB to MOBI Converter
  • After this added file want to convert through the upper right option ADD eBOOK
  • Select the output format from the inverted bottom triangle
  • A CONVERT TO MOBI option will appear in front of you
  • Click this option
  • The process will start, and after conversion, you can find the file from the history option available on the upper right

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