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Benefits of Product Photography for eCommerce

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For SEO optimization product photography is as important as the text content. Only original images can increase the website or landing page conversion rate. Search engines require original, unique content and images are no exception from this rule. Search engines can identify duplicate images and understand where they came from. Therefore, before publishing another stock photo on the website, think carefully whether you really want to sacrifice your originality because you lack time or resources to make the high-quality photos on your own. 

Why Paying for Product Quality Photos is Better?

The importance of content can not be underestimated. When using the services of the Squareshot company, customers get the full list of adjustments they can choose for their

shooting. These are style guides, labeling, adjustments, and retouching services to the already made pictures in terms of a free one-time approving of the images. Furthermore, buying services of Squareshot customers buy flexible and communicative assistance from the experts of eCommerce photo work. Clients obtain fairly competitive pricing for the photo products that can increase sales success by 20 percent from the initial. According to Squareshot statistics, about 90 percent of shoppers confirm that their online purchase has been influenced by qualitative product images. What can be better to increase the products’ conversion rate through the using of high-quality photography? Free trial & shipping as well as transparent pricing. With Squareshot all your investments won’t be spent in vain. 

What Pictures are Beneficial for Better Conversion Rate 

In the case of the online store that demands regular publishment of a great number of goods pictures, it would always be better to remember a few key things that should always be done to make the search through this website easier. For instance, when selling the Nike men’s sneakers, instead of the standard generated photo name, you the website administrator should make an extended file name with a keyword. Think carefully about the key phrases users try when searching for products on your website. There are always some name patterns they use when searching for the product wanted? People looking for Air Max sneakers will likely use some of these keywords to find the brand footwear:

  • Nike Air Max sneakers for men,
  • men’s air max Nike sneakers,
  • Men’s Nike Air Max,
  • Nike Air Max

Patterns that prevail according to analytics should be used as the template in order to make the product more searchable on the Internet. Using such templates for titles creation will also increase the conversion rate. Experts from professional eCommerce photo studios will always help you in choosing the best titles. 

Another quite important aspect of successful product photography is the proper file type for pictures. The importance of the balance between quality and size of the product photography should not be underestimated. Too small (in terms of memory size) image of poor quality will create a bad impression and may cause a refusal to buy products and even can provoke users to abandon the website. On the other hand, high-quality product images in high resolution can increase page load time causing the increase in failures when loading the website. There must be a well-choreographed balance between product quality and size. 

Remember, there is no correct or most suitable image format. It all depends on the type of image and how you plan to use it. The most commonly used formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF. They are supported by all browsers and search engines. Less commonly, SVG and WebP.

Product photography for eCommerce can seriously increase the conversion rate and make the marketing website more popular among the target audience. With experts who are able to create the qualitative photo masterpieces perfectly suitable for your website’s core idea and general purposes, you will be able to turn people’s attention easier, adjust your advertisements and increase the effectiveness not only of your website but also of your business in total. Forget about low-quality pictures that only spoil the general impression. Reach out to Squareshot now and feel the difference already now. 

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