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Benefits of Having an Herb Garden at Home

Herb Garden

Are you committed to starting your own garden, but not sure what to plant yet? If you have limited space or are looking for a garden that can contribute to your kitchen as well, then we would recommend considering an herb garden. Herb gardens look good, smell great, and can be used in your cooking.

However, you may find yourself wondering: what is the point of growing my own herbs when I can just grab a few packets at my local market or grocery store?

The short answer to that is, that there is more to this niche of gardening than meets the eye. Here are seven reasons why you should try growing your own herb garden at home.

Herbs Can Be Grown Indoors

If you do not have space for a garden or plant pots outside, then there is no need to worry. Herbs are flexible and do not need a lot of maintenance. They are truly the only edible plants that are suited to an indoor environment.

This is made possible because most of the herbs used in cooking, like thyme, basil, sage, and oregano, originate from the Mediterranean. This is a relatively dry region and as a result, the herbs have adapted to thrive on minimal water.

Give Your Kitchen Some Extra Inspiration

If you are tending an herb garden, then the opportunity to experiment with different flavor profiles and new dishes is right at the palm of your hands. Take advantage of their proximity by trying a recipe you have never heard of before, or enhancing a dish that you are already proud of.

Cooking is not just about giving people sustenance. It is also about taking risks. In that sense, it is like an art form in itself. Herb gardens give people the opportunity to indulge in a little creativity and experimentation.

Herbs Offer a Unique Learning Experience

When you choose to plant herbs, you are not just learning how to take care of a plant. In the long term, it is an exciting way to upgrade your cooking, explore alternative medicine, and look into other ways that herbs could be used in your day-to-day life.

These plants have a rich history, and some were even viewed as a status of wealth. Saffron and cinnamon, for example, were prized for their unique qualities and highly coveted in the past. It is interesting to see how herbs and spices have evolved since then.

Planting Herbs Can Be Relieving

There is something about connecting with nature that really helps put our minds to rest. Tending, or even just visiting a garden can help relieve some of the burdens we have been subconsciously carrying around with us.

Herb gardens have so many unique sights and scents to offer. It won’t just be a random overgrowth of plants. As mentioned previously, they grow out in different patterns and colors. It would be like having a zen garden of your own, right outside your door.

Nothing Beats the Impact of Fresh Herbs

Trust us. The flavor and fragrance of some freshly picked herbs can transform your dish entirely. Imagine how far store-bought herbs have had to travel, and all the processing it had to undergo just to arrive in an edible form. While this has made the magic of herbs widely accessible, it does mean that we are missing out on their full personality.

You Can Save Money on Groceries

Those repeat purchases of herb shakers eventually add up! And in some cases, the herbs you buy require little to no maintenance for growth. For example, the peppermint plant does not require any maintenance at all. However, peppermint tea bags are sold at your local store for around nine dollars a pack. That is nine dollars you could have saved or spent on something else!

Herbs Are Beautiful All Year Round

Compared to other plants, you can count on herbs to always look fresh and attractive. Flowers are definitely stunning, but they only achieve and maintain their peak for a few weeks every year. And due to the nature of their growth, vegetables often look cluttered. An herb bed is beautiful because it grows in a unique pattern of textures and colors.

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