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BDaySpotify: Unlimited Skips, Play Any Song Without Shuffle, Restart Songs

bdayspotify spotify premium on ios

You can get unlimited skips, the ability to play any song without shuffling, the ability to restart songs, move backwards / forwards within the same song for free on Spotify for OS X, Windows, and Web.  For mobile users, you need to pay for Spotify Premium subscription. If you are jailbroken, there is a way to get these features for free with BDaySpotify.

bdayspotify spotify premium on ios

Spotify is my single most favorite music streaming service. Their collection of songs – over 10 million the last I checked – along with regularly updated, and professionally curated playlists makes for an excellent music listening experience. I liked Spotify so much, I immediately paid for a three month Premium subscription! I also recommend it to all friends and family who share my love for music.

Spotify’s desktop and tablet apps allow you to play any song, and skip unlimited times, replay songs, and more. However, doing the same requires a Premium subscription on smartphones.

Again, we urge you to actually pay for the subscription. If you can afford a several hundred dollar smartphone, you surely can spare a few dollars every month to pay for music, support artists, and support the great customer experience that Spotify provides.

Now, if you are not fazed by the idea of not paying for Spotify Premium while enjoying these features: we won’t stop you!

bdayspotify unlimited skips

BDaySpotify is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to get unlimited skips, play any song without shuffle mode, replay songs, ‘seek’ songs i.e. go forward or backward within the same song – all without purchasing a Spotify Premium subscription.

It was actually released quite a while ago, but we only discovered it recently. It is illegal in all likelihood, considering that you are circumventing Spotify’s systems to use premium features for free.

Disclaimer: CupertinoTimes is discussing BDaySpotify for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for any illegal activity that stems from it.

BDaySpotify is not available on the default Cydia repos ‘BigBoss’ and ‘ModMyi’. You will need to add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/ from Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Once the repo is added, you can search for BDaySpotify to download and install it. It will apply to to your Spotify app automatically.

Note, if the above-mentioned repo doesn’t work, try adding apt.s1ris.com.

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