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Battery Trackr Is A Free Battery Widget For iOS 8 [Limited Time]

battery widget for ios iphone

If you are as obsessive as I am about your iPhone’s battery life, consider using a free battery widget like Battery Trackr in your Notification Center’s Today View to know how much time is left before battery dies down.

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With an older device such as my almost two-year-old iPhone 4S, battery life becomes a difficult problem that you just learn to deal with as time passes. You buy a couple of extra chargers for use in class, as well as commutes, and only then does your phone not die down at important occasions.

With these circumstances in mind, it greatly helps if you remain up to date with how much battery life / time you have left until your device runs out of battery.

To that end, Battery Trackr is a useful little battery widget / app that informs you how much battery life is left under different use cases. It offers the following four:

  1. Battery life left when phone is left on standby
  2. Battery life in terms of active talk time
  3. Battery life when web browsing
  4. Battery life when playing music

It uses Apple’s own battery life estimates for the aforementioned use-cases to determine how many hours of usage are left. As such, it can be considered reasonably accurate for the latest phones – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 with Retina Display.

battery widget for ios iphone

If you have an older device – like my iPhone 4S – you can set your battery’s age by selecting the date when you bought your device. I bought mine sometime in February 2012, so I set a random date within that month. Battery Trackr used this to adjust battery life predictions.

Battery Trackr is available for free right now from the iTunes App Store. This is likely for a limited time though, so download it as soon as you can to avail this offer.

I am currently using’s Word of the Day, Yahoo! Weather, and ESPN SportsCenter widgets in my Today View on my iPhone 4S. I don’t feel Battery Trackr is that necessary, given the limited space in the Today View, so I will avoid it personally. Besides, I am good enough at predicting my own phone’s battery life!

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