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Basic Meals To Make With Your Instant Pot

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Now that you have got your instant pot, what next? Start using it, of course. Then, you might not be used to using such an appliance, and getting started with it might seem tough, but it is not so difficult. Using the Instant Pot is quite stress-free, and in due time, you will wonder how you ever cooked without it.

It is always a good thing to start simple and easy, that is why today, we would be going through some meals and recipes by Corrie Cooks that you can easily prepare as a first timer with your instant pot.

Before we begin, it is important that you take a water test before anything else. This involves just boiling water and using it to master the settings on the pot. Once you have covered that, your Instant Pot is ready for use.

Now, it is important not to rush things with your Instant Pot. Sure, someday, you would be using it to prepare all that you want, but for now, you have to start with very easy meals. This allows you to understand more about how the Instant Pot works for when you start cooking more complicated meals.

When thinking of a beginner meal, you have to pay attention to certain things.
1. First, such a meal should not require too many ingredients.
2. The meal should be very easy to cook, even without the instant pot. It should not involve a lot of steps.
3. The meal should also have a simple, instant pot recipe.
Another tip you must remember before you start cooking is that it may take more time than expected. This is because the pot has to gather the necessary pressure needed to cook the food, and that is dependent on the volume of water you put into the cooking.

Instant Pot Lazy Lasagna

The first meal we would be cooking is lazy lasagna. Now, this is like your everyday lasagna, but it takes less time to cook, needing only 4 minutes of pressure. When cooking, you have to mind how you add the ingredients, making sure you add water last, before the cheese.


1 lb lean ground beef
1 cup diced onion
2 cloves garlic minced
1 25oz jar spaghetti sauce of your choice
3 cups of water
4 cups dry mini lasagna noodles
1 cup shredded mozzarella
1 cup cottage cheese or ricotta
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

The first thing you do is use the “saute” button to prepare the ground beef, adding the spices and onions.

Then you add the sauce, followed by the noodles. It is important you do not try to mix the noodles with the other ingredients. This would only make it stick together.

Pour water, then cover it with the lid, set the timer to 4 minutes.

When the cooking is done, release the pressure so the noodles do not get soggy. Repeatedly open and close the valve to get all the pressure out.

After that, add your cottage cheese and your mozzarella then place the lid over it. This allows the cheese to melt.

Serving should be next

Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli
This dish is as healthy as it is delicious, plus with a total prep time of about 15-20 mins, it is something you can easily do without much stress.
You can use steak cut into strips (approx 2 pounds), Sirloin works best.


1 Onion diced
1 TBSP minced ginger
4 minced garlic cloves
1 Cup beef broth
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 TBSP brown sugar
1/4 TSP Chinese 5 spice
1 TBS sesame oil
1/4 TSP red pepper flakes add more to increase the spiciness.
2 Cups broccoli
2 Carrots julienned
2 TBSP cornstarch mixed with 2 TBSP water

First, you pour the sauce into the pot and add your onions, garlic, spices, pepper, and brown sugar. Mix everything together until everything is evenly blended. But do not add the cornstarch mixture yet.

Next, you add the steak and start pressure cooking. Set the timer for 7 minutes.

When the time is up, release the pressure and add the cornstarch, broccoli, and carrots. Press the saute button and leave it for a minute.

It is important that when cooking with the Instant Pot, vegetables should come last.

Cooking with the Instant Pot is quite easy, as long as you understand what needs to go in first. As a rule, dairy products and vegetables should be added last because they need less heat to cook. Beginning with these easy meals allows you to know how to add the ingredients when cooking.

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