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Backyard Renovations To Boost Your Home Value

Backyard Renovations

If you’ve got a backyard space, you’re lucky you know. Be it a small space or a large one. This private space promises loads of fun. You could arrange outdoor parties, lunches, bonfires, BBQ parties, movie nights, or even play your favorite games here with family and friends.

But of course, for arranging all of these events, your backyard needs to have a comfortable and enjoyable vibe. Reluctant and scarce maintenance will become a major obstacle in the execution of all your fun plans.

So, here we’ve compiled for you a few interesting upgrade ideas for your backyard. With these, you can enjoy a whole new look and plan an array of exciting activities!

1. Add up a Patio or a Deck

Getting a patio or a deck installed in your backyard not only gives your property a super modern look but also adds to its value. On the exterior, a patio or a deck looks super classy. It’s something your next potential buyer would love to invest in. 

As for yourself, you get the opportunity to enjoy the calm of the sky and soft rain with friends and family. If you are working from home then you can set up a mini outdoor office on the deck or patio. Sunlight, fresh air, and greenery can boost your mood and energy level while working outdoors. To set up an outdoor office, you just need a comfortable chair and a folding desk. Having an outdoor office will also boost your home value.

When settling for this change, pay good attention to whether you want a patio or a deck. Many people tend to confuse the two and end up with lifestyle changes that they later regret.

For example, a deck may require more maintenance than a patio. Similarly, it is more expensive as compared to a patio. So, consider the pros and cons of both before settling for one. You’ll get a huge variety of building materials to choose from, ranging from concrete to wood.

2. Set up a Seating Area

Setting up a comfy seating area promises great opportunities for family and friends’ time. You could perhaps enjoy their company over a cup of tea. Outdoor patio furniture or wooden outdoor chairs works perfectly for outdoor spaces.  

3. Change the Color Scheme

If your backyard already has the desired setup and you only wish to give it fresh retouching, i.e., some new looks, then painting it fresh may be a good idea. Determine what colors are your current favorite and which set of shades will best complement the current interiors of your house. If you’re bringing in some other minor changes as well, such as getting a wooden patio installed. Then, you might want to keep the looks towards subtle shades like beige and brown. 

Note that changing colors doesn’t only concern the color of the walls. It also concerns the color of your garden décor and seating arrangements. You need not change the pots, but you can color them anew. Similarly, you can change the seat covers and cushion covers of your seating furniture.

4. Install Artificial Grass

Another low-maintenance upgrade idea for your backyard is artificial grass installation. The benefit of installing artificial grass is it does not require watering, fertilizing, or mowing. You will install it once and enjoy its aesthetics for a long time all around the year.

5. Invest in a Fountain

Installing a fountain may sound like an anti-water conservation idea, but when done smartly, it may as well be the opposite of that.

You could buy fountains that effectively conserve and reuse water, often nourishing the plants around. Or perhaps, build a DIY backyard fountain from the garden or scrape material that does the same job.

6. Uplift it with a Rug

Adding a central or huge rug to your backyard spaces may be a good idea, especially if you install artificial grass or a patio or deck. It brings colorful hues to your backyard and adds a comfortable touch. Plus, if you place it atop a patio or deck, it will cut down the maintenance needs even more. With reduced exposure to shoes and bare feet, the wooden surface of your deck or patio will remain protected under the rug.

7. Vertical Garden

If the backyard space of your house is a bit too small and doesn’t offer room for all the space-demanding upgrades, then you can go with adding a refreshing touch to your small space. Construct a vertical garden on one of the boundaries with pots reused and repainted to give it a DIY feel. It saves the horizontal space significantly.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are countless more ideas to upgrade your backyard space. It all comes down to your preferences and budget. You could perhaps incorporate a theme or create a whole sports arena. Animal lovers even prefer setting up a zoo of their own in their backyard spaces. So, pour in all your creativity, and don’t hesitate to get started!

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