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B2B eCommerce to B2C: Checkout the Digital Transformation

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There is no doubt about the fact that people have become fond of the digital era that is being followed all around the globe today. With Magento Development Techniques you can create a website to sell anything you want, no matter the client is a company or a retailer. Everything you do, see, and purchase online is integrated online to create a better experience for the visitors. The online industry has divided the marketplace into 2 categories. One is B2B i.e Business to Business and other is B2C i.e Business to Customer.

Both these online distinctions have prominent importance that enhances the purchasing, trading and marketing experience between two parties. As the name suggests B2B e-commerce is intended to focus on the relationship between 2 business parties trading in large quantity. Typically and in simple words a business that offers products or services or both to other business corporations.

And while B2B is business specific, B2C e-commerce intends to cover the need of the individual customers. The best example of this could be online shopping sites, portal and shopping apps, created specifically for the individuals keeping their needs upfront. It intends to connect with the consumers emotionally unlike B2B where the intentions are to sell the product or service because of their value and importance in the market.

Today all the retailers and wholesalers expect a buying experience like that intended for customers. In B2C you get a personalized shopping experience that allows you to create a cart and dump all your favorites in it and complete the transaction later at the end.

This has created a shift of e-commerce industry from B2B to B2C where even the corporate buyers want the same facilities and ease of buying like the customers. They want to find their products and services faster with custom quotations depending on the bulk quantity they order. Large enterprises are integrating both e-commerce techniques to one that will offer an effective platform for both customers and partners.

Offer Experience of B2B E-commerce Like Never Before

Provide an end-to-end shopping experience that covers managing the digital assets along with quote management. This way it intends to connect with the partner’s emotions and give them an individual-like satisfaction.

Transform your e-commerce website that offers ease in ordering, storing the products in a cart and checking the status of the order after initiating the purchase. Creating a website for easy access to multiple devices is another way to transform your business more towards B2C marketing.

Giving easy access to the partners by way of personalized portal and access to the products or services and warranties related to them. Displaying all of them including price and promotions on a single page.

A more complex yet efficient model can be created in B2B that encompasses purchasing under multiple contracts from a single buyer but different departments.

Although the e-commerce solutions of both B2B and B2C are quite similar the key features differentiate them from each other. It is believed that integrating both to be working as one and B2C intended the growth of the e-commerce industry will take a faster pace.’

Transforming the Digital Experience

  • Responsive Web-Design

Majority of the population uses mobile as a platform to execute purchases. This factor is not limiting to individual customers, but even the corporations and business organization intend to contemplate their purchases via mobile. Thus making a responsive web design for B2B like that associate with B2C will make the shopping experience on your site easy.

  • Selling Through Social Media

Not being a part of your website it still has enough impact to attract a large number of customers to the official selling website. It has become a prominent part of B2C which can also be used effectively to attract other business corporations. Of course, it directs your viewers to the original site, but nowadays many social media platforms are offering business page where you can officially sell your product or service online.

Hence, today the B2B platforms are adapting the features and functionality of B2C e-commerce which has given more power and market to the business world. Shifting the market from business or rather adding one more target market i.e individual buyers brings a lot of revenue to the company. For example, a company selling measurement tools to Boeing has now leveraged its products in the market directly to the customers.

Although B2B selling might remain a part of company’s strategy the major player in bringing constant revenue remains with the individual customer. They are the people who can unitedly bring up or bring down your market altogether. Thus it becomes important to adapt to B2C e-commerce because your organization cannot stand alone on the shoulders of other business.

Let me give you a brief as to why do we need B2C e-commerce, for example, if you are a supplier of tools and equipment used in the manufacturing of cars and have few companies that buy from you. Suddenly the market of one or two companies crashes, you tend to lose a lot of money in this case. Thus making an effective impact on customers by way of selling via B2C e-commerce can help you sustain longer in the industry.

With this view in mind, all the large organizations are making a shift to this digital change with the hopes of getting a better market and increasing their brand effectiveness among the common public rather than only to limited organizations. And as B2C is all about meeting the needs of your customer you result in providing a satisfying transaction to both the business parties as well as individual customers.

The specific needs of even the organizations are nurtured by way of B2C e-commerce. Adapting this concept increases the credibility and longevity of your business.

The shopping experience of both users can be integrated over a single website by allowing the users to create an account for different profiles, which will ultimately display products according to requirements of a business and a customer. Even with guest login feature, this option can be added like on clicking business profile it redirects to the page where bulk orders can be placed and quotations are displayed. The experts of Magento development will help you assess the needs of your prospective buyers and create an efficient web page accordingly.

Author Bio: Arun is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company having a team of best app developers who deliver best Augmented Reality app And Virtual Reality app Solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform.

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