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AutoRotateVideos Rotates The Screen When Watching Videos

AutoRotateVideos is a fine jailbreak tweak that does exactly what it says. The creator of the tweak posted about AutoRotateVideos on Reddit yesterday and said that he had submitted the tweak Cydia’s repository at BigBoss. He estimated that AutoRotateVideos would be available on Cydia within 24 hours.


AutoRotateVideos will be free whenever it is up on Cydia. If you have enabled the auto rotation screen lock for normal use on your iOS device and you play a video you will be forced to watch that video in portrait mode. Most people enable the lock on this feature because it can be irritating when all of a sudden the screen rotates and you didn’t mean for it to. For example while texting or browsing the internet you unwittingly tilt your phone a little and it rotates the screen. So to do away with that you enable the lock and by virtue of making this choice you can no longer conveniently tilt your device every time you want to watch videos.

It is a tradeoff, but it shouldn’t be. Choosing between a generally smooth experience and utilizing your phone as a widescreen player is a choice no one should have to make. In an age where we are looking to colonize Mars there should be a solution to this conundrum. AutoRotateVideos provides a solution by detecting whenever you are watching a video. And it will then automatically rotate the orientation of your phone to landscape mode. It will also enable rotation lock so that you don’t go to portrait mode by mistake.

AutoRotateVideos works with all browsers. Specifically tested browsers by the developer are Safari and Chrome and AutoRotateVideos works without a hitch on them. Because the developer is on Reddit, like the users of his tweak he has tested AutoRotateVideos on AlienBlue as well. The tweak also detects whether the video is horizontal or vertical. This is important because ideally it should not rotate a vertical video when it fits the screen in the existing orientation. The direction of the rotation can also be configured in the preferences section. Options for the direction are left, right and automatic. Two of these are self explanatory while automatic takes the current orientation of the device in to account to decide where to rotate.

AutoRotateVideos is not on Cydia at the moment but we will let you know as soon as it is. Find out how to download YouTube videos on  to your phone.

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