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Autonomous Smart Desk – Stand or Sit, One Size Fits All

Autonomous Smart Desk

Autonomous Smart Desk

The term, “one-size-fits-all” is commonly associated with clothing items like socks, leotards, etc. The Autonomous Smart Desk has given this term new meaning. One can say this now applies to furniture as well. Let me explain.

A Challenge

One of the challenges of having an office that is shared by other members of the family is the height of the desk. Let’s take my family for example. You have me and my writing and editing in the evenings. Then my wife does her accounting and paying our bills. Then when my six-year-old daughter comes home from school she needs to do her blended learning courses on the computer. We are all sharing the same workstation most of the time. With me being 6 feet tall my wife being 5’ 3” and my daughter being 50 inches tall it’s difficult for all three of us to find our individual comfort zones when working at the computer.

The Solution

The Autonomous Smart Desk solves this problem for families like ours, with their line of SmartDesks. In doing so they rescued this family from its shared workstation woes.

The smart keypad offers four programmable presets. We can reserve one for me sitting, one for me standing, one for the wife, and one for our little one. And you can adjust it anywhere in between with the up and down buttons.

The fact that these desks provide a standing position has obvious health benefits. I suspect my Apple Watch will not be reminding me to stand as often as it does now.  I personally sit at workstations well over 8 hours a day.  If at least half that time is spent standing, who knows I may be able to fit into my skinny pants once again.

XL Business Model

I received the XL business model from Autonomous which is 71” X 30”. This model provides a lot of desktop real estate and easily replaces the 30-year-old dinosaur that is my old desk.  The XL comes with two motors and can easily lift 300 pounds.

I also received the accessory kit that adds another layer of convenience.  A wireless charging puck, a USB charging station, a USB speaker, and mounting brackets. There is an AI option that I did not opt for but I may do so moving forward. This is after all, all about the tech.

Autonomous Smart Desk

Autonomous has done an awesome job with this desk. It is strong, solid, and height adjustments are smooth and quiet. The Smart Desk comes in multiple configurations and finishes. There is an ergonomic option that features a cutout if that’s the way you roll. You can build your own on the Autonomous website. 

I am totally satisfied with the Autonomous Smart Desk. Check out our video below to see why we love this adjustable standing desk. Then visit the Autonomous website to learn more.

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