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Automatic Transfers Now Part Of Google Wallet

Google Wallet allows Automatic Transfers

Google Wallet

Are you a Google Wallet user? Well, if you are we have good news for you. Google Wallet has just launched “automatic transfers” that will save users a lot of time handling their money.

Automatic Transfers

When the tech giant launched Android Pay, users thought Google wallet service will soon end. However, Google reassured its users that the Google wallet and Android Pay will coexist. Google is now living up to its promise. Not only is the platform still up and running it now also includes “automatic transfers”.

Till now, users had to cash out their money from Google Wallet in order to use it somewhere else. Thanks to the latest update users will not have to cash out money anymore. This allows users to handle their money faster and more easily.

Google introduced Automatic Transfers to the app on Aug 25. The feature, however, will start rolling out to users around the globe next week .

This means users will have to wait a little while longer before they receive the update. However, the service is finally available. Google wrote about the update in its app page. It said “Access your money faster! Money you receive will automatically transfer to your bank account or debit card.”

Users who do not want to avail this feature can opt out of the service and cash out whenever necessary. Users who want to avail the feature can link a debit card or bank account to their Google wallet for automatic transfer.  Transferring money to your debit card from Google wallet will however still take time. Although, automatic transfers is an easier solution than the previous one.

This feature will come as a relief to users since Google stopped Google Wallet Card service back in June. This will also allow Google to compete with its rival platforms like PayPal, Square Cash, and Venmo.

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