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AT&T Offers $650 in Credit per line if…


AT&T, one of America’s most popular wireless carrier launched a new promotion on 15th February 2016 that will allow people to get up to $650 in credit per line if they leave their carrier and move to AT&T’s service.

So any potentially new customers will need to also trade their current smartphones and then port their number from Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile  so that they can avail this promotion. After you have paid the final wireless bill from your old carrier then you can buy a new phone from AT&T. After doing this, you will get a Visa prepaid card with up to $650. The Visa card is the amount which is the early termination fee or balance owed to you on your final bill from which your trade-in value has been subtracted to the tune of $650 per line.

You can also visit AT&T’s website to learn more about this offer.

Any new or existing AT&T customer who use or have added DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse TV can also get the new plan presented by the carrier. This new plan offers unlimited data and talk time as well as texts for only $100 per month per line. Also, any additional devices will be able to use this same service by paying only $40 per month. Interestingly a fourth smartphone can also be added to the devices for free after the bill credits.

There is also another exciting offer over at AT&T. This promotion is more along the lines of the “Buy one, Get one” kind. It includes that when you Buy One iPhone you will get another one for free when you add a second line.  The only caveat to this deal is that both phones should be purchased via AT&T Next and the first phone should be a new line or an upgrade and the second one should be a new line and should be purchased on AT&T Next 24.

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