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Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About Sign PDF

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In our daily lives, it always happens to us that we believe that we are so confident about a subject that we don’t even assume about studying it, and then it leads to something that we want to examine closely. At times, however, we have some concerns about it, but we don’t understand how and when to find the answers. 

Signing PDF documents electronically using a special service is an unusual instance of this situation. It is undoubtedly a notion recognizable to the general public; its use is, after all, now widespread in human resources agencies and regimes.

Even so, we understand that there are aspects of this technology that are not as simple or straightforward as we initially thought if we have a meeting with a joint or potential client. Take a look at the final 10 questions that always come to thinking when it comes to online PDF signing.

  • What are electronic signatures used for signing Pdf?

An electronic signature, or eSignature, is an electronic representation of the intent, in the simplistic definition, to endorse or authorize the material of a document and is not limited to writing the label on a tablet (although it is cool). 

You can Sign pdf online via Sevices like CocoSign in several forms, such as: 

  • Typed   
  • Scanned  
  • An electronic depiction of a handwritten signature 
  • A unique character representation 
  • A digital feature representation, e.g. fingerprint, retina, etc. 
  • For what purpose are electronic signatures used? 

It can be used for PDF signing, several paper forms, and contracts, both for individual and commercial usage. Contracts and agreements, loans and leases, PDF documents and permits, and other documents can be remotely signed. 

It is possible to electronically sign almost everything that you sign on paper at present.

  • What is the best Site To Sign Pdf Files Online?

When it refers to signing online PDFs in the e-signature community, CocoSign is a pioneer. It is quick to understand, being one of the initial providers of electronic signatures, its lengthy tradition helped it to establish an important feature set. Its extensive capabilities enable CocoSign to satisfy any business requirement.

Well-designed, CocoSign offers you so many choices to build digital signatures while preserving reliability and specificity. Together with its broad versatility, these features make CocoSign the high software and find life easy to meet the requirements of many sectors, from small startups to large businesses.

You can experience a 30-day free trial for CocoSign & experience all the functionality during this time. But you need to purchase a subscription plan based on your preferences as soon as the trial period comes to an end. But it does bring a wide range of features to choose from, ensuring that you can work for yourself.

4. Are signing PDF Documents Legally Binding? 

Nearly all industrialized countries in the world have introduced the electronic signature rule, and a vast number of individuals appreciate Cocosign eSignature as they comply with the concept of a legitimate signature. To put it in perspective, a CocoSign file has never been reversed by the courts.

5. How to add a PDF signature?  

Go to CocoSign’s main website & build a profile.

Drag and drop a PDF file you want to sign, and create your signatures.

Click on Fill & Sign in the Controls pane on the right.

Press the Signature tab, then select the Add Signature option.

A pop-up appears, presenting you with three choices: shape, draw, and image. When you are finished, press the Submit button.

Select, rotate, and place the signature inside your PDF file.

6. How Can I Work With CocoSign Online to Sign My PDF Files?

As it is a cloud-based technology, there are many ways of running CocoSign. It lets you use an internet browser or mobile app to email, sign, register, and monitor signing operations. It can also be used in other apps.

7. Can PDF documents be digitally signed? 

Yeah, it is possible to use digital as well as electronic signatures to sign most of the documents related to financial resources. For Land Registry records, however, the privileges of qualified lawyers and wills are also still considered unacceptable for digital signatures.

And in certain countries in the European Union, work arrangements require an eligible signature. In most countries, as long as they are in PDF form, most of the records can be signed electronically. Their authority can, however, differ.

8. How is signing PDF electronically different from “wet” signatures that are handwritten? 

In certain ways, the eSignatures out-do their handwritten variants, but besides not beating the drum too much, the main components are:

Savings: The “hard” expenses of printing, filing, mailing, and faxing are not equivalent to the paper-free distribution costs of electronically signed documents. Access to the Internet is essentially what you need.

Speed: Traditional paper-based signing is time-consuming for both you and your clients to get documents created, circulated, revised, and signed. You can automate whole workflows and pass transactions at a digital speed with eSignatures.

Security: Wet signatures are manipulated or compromised easily, whereas digitally signed records are tamper-proof.

9. Do all parties involved need to sign PDF electronically if one person uses an electronic signature?

It’s not a static requirement, however, we strongly recommend it. If a deal is executed by those involved online, managing the internal systems is far easier for you.

Now, here is an important distinction: it is important to handle and retain both signed wet-ink and digitally signed forms of the contract. If you print out a legally signed document, it will lack its legal bearing as the digital signature is processed electronically. Similarly, a signed wet-ink paper loses its meaning, and it becomes a clear sign the moment you can. So, in all iterations, remember to keep the contract.

10.Who Signs PDF online?  

There is no doubt that new technology users are paper firms, such as sales and real estate. However, we see users varying from individuals to huge global corporations, and from company divisions to independent professionals.

Over 1 billion people worldwide have used CocoSign to sign PDF files online.

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