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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Education


AI in Education

We are taking a look at why artificial intelligence is making its way into education. We see an advanced world of technology in movies and television shows. They may seem farfetched to us at times. But the reality is they are often based on some kind of research. They may not be very far from the truth. Artificial intelligence has made its way into almost every sector and has no intentions of stopping. It has not only improved the quality of life but has done so by simplifying processes.

Human Plus Machine

AI is already being incorporated in the education sector.  The next few years may be critical to its growth in the field. “Human plus machine isn’t the future, it’s the present,” Garry Kasparov said in a recent TED talk. Coursera, a massive open online course provider, is already putting this into practice. When a large number of students are found to submit the wrong answer to a homework assignment, the system alerts the teacher and gives future students a customized message that offers hints to the correct answer.

Transforming Education

A recent report by Pearson deciphers how artificial intelligence will positively transform education in the coming years. Per the report’s authors,

“The future offers the potential of even greater tools and supports. Imagine lifelong learning companions powered by AI that can accompany and support individual learners throughout their studies – in and beyond school – or new forms of assessment that measure learning while it is taking place, shaping the learning experience in real time.”

Simpler For Teachers

AI will make things so much simpler for teachers by automating the process of grading. It will spare hours of instructor’s time, which can be spent interacting with the students for their moral development. AI can not only help teachers and students to craft courses that are customized to their needs, but it can also provide feedback to both about the success of the course as a whole.

Boost Confidence

AI will also help boost up the confidence of students. Some students find themselves under pressure and are hesitant to answer even when they know the correct answer. They won’t shy away from a computer. Knowing that they are right, rather than wrong most of the time, it will help build their confidence to speak up in front of others.

Streamline Admissions

AI will streamline the admissions process as well. Rather than having to go through every college in the country, the system can match you with the college suited to your needs and interests.

“If an institution is embracing AI, students know there are support and structure around these kinds of technologies and modernized learning; which is a good thing. Students will hold the school in higher regard and in turn, the institution can attract more diverse and like-minded audiences, including professors and teachers. It’s a win-win situation,” said Ralph Lucci, co-founder and user experience director at Behavior Design.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.

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