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Are Standing Desks Worth It?

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In setting up your home office, you want to make sure that you arrange everything according to your needs and preferences. In light of that, did you know that aside from having interesting desk gadgets in your workstation, your desk itself could also be interesting?

We’re talking about none other than the latest trends in remote work setup, the standing desk, aka, adjustable desk. With all the hype surrounding this innovative piece of office furniture, is it really worth it or not?

What Is a Standing Desk?

As the name suggests, standing desks are countertops or tables designed to write, draw, type, or work on while standing up. The primary purpose of this table is to prevent you from being inactive, which could then result in many health complications.

Standing desks often come with adjustable legs so that you can set the height to the same level as your arms. What’s more, it would be easier for you to position your screen at the right angle so as not to strain your eyes.

Standing Desk Benefits

The question we have from the beginning is whether or not standing desks are worth it. We’ll leave that up for you to decide since the answer still depends more on personal preferences than anything. Nonetheless, below are the most important benefits you could get from them.

Reduced Risk of Weight Gain

The first notable benefit of standing desks is how much they reduce your risks of gaining weight. When standing up, your body starts burning calories. While the calories burned may not be at the same level as a full-blown exercise, it is still better than burning no calories, which is what happens when you’re sitting down.

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

An entire day spent sitting down will bring numerous negatives to your body and cause various health conditions. On the other hand, standing up will reduce these risks because of how much your blood circulation improves.

When this happens, you can also guarantee that you’ll have a lower chance of developing heart diseases. This is for the simple reason that your cardiovascular system will also become stronger.

No More Back Pains

Poor ergonomics and bad sitting posture are the leading culprits of back pains. These practices put all the weight and pressure on the spine. On the other hand, standing desks allow the weight and pressure to be distributed to your legs, which, in turn, reduces back pain.

What to Look for in Standing Desks

If you wish to enjoy the benefits we’ve just listed, you’re probably ready to purchase your very own standing desk. Before you do, take the time to consider the following factors to find a desk that’s worth your money. For example, the enhanced grommet landing now covers the entire length of the grommet cut out, giving the best adjustable table a more streamlined appearance.

Height Range

To guarantee the highest level of comfort, the height of the standing desk you pick should depend on how tall or short you are. Also, think about whether or not you want to spend all day standing up, or you also wish to enjoy the luxury of your ergonomic chair once in a while.

Having said that, it’s important that you look for a desk with a wide height range. Its maximum height must be perfect for when you’re standing up, and the minimum matches your sitting height.

Adjustment Mechanism

Another important thing you need to take note of is the adjustment mechanism. Some desks have hand cranks to allow you to lower or raise the desktop manually, which may require a bit of patience and force.

On the other hand, there are also standing desks that are electric or hydraulic, which means you can easily adjust them with just the press of a button. However, it goes without saying that these desks are more expensive.


Speed refers to how quick the adjustment mechanism is when lowering or raising your desk. While this may sound like it’s only for bragging rights or luxury, the speed of adjustment will actually affect your overall experience significantly.

For example, imagine it’s lowered, and you wish to enjoy the benefits you get when standing. If the adjustment is rather slow or complicated, you might abandon the idea entirely and stick to your chair instead.

That’s why the faster and more manageable your standing desk is to adjust, the more likely it is that you’d use them for their benefits.


Lastly, this is a matter of personal preference, but some standing desks make a considerable amount of noise when you’re adjusting them. If this is something you’re sure you won’t enjoy, make sure you look for one that adjusts quietly.


Are standing desks worth it? Our answer is yes and no. It will not be worth it if you’re only going to use it as a regular desk. On the other hand, if you are committed to using a standing desk for its purpose, we can guarantee that the benefits we’ve mentioned will make this purchase worthy of every penny.

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