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Are Leather Jackets Good for Motorcycle Riding?

Man on motorcycle wearing a leather jacket

You’re walking down the street, and you see a couple of bikers ride past you. Or maybe you’re a rider yourself. So let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why bikers wear leather jackets? Or is this your first time?

There is something attractive about seeing riders on awesome motorcycles adorned in cool gear and wearing the best leather jackets for bikers. 

Many folks simply assume that wearing leather jackets is the culture for bike riders. This culture can be traced back to Marlon Brandon’s character in the 1953 movie The Wild One. However, there’s more to why bikers wear leather jackets than you may realize. 

So, I have decided to come up with reasons why leather jackets are good for motorcycle riding.  

1. For Safety and Protection

Any seasoned rider will tell you how handy leather jackets come when you’re involved in an accident. They are effective even in a simple accident where you were not riding at speeds high enough to cause a fatal accident. 

Studies related to motorcycle accidents have shown that riders who wear little protection have a higher chance of sustaining severe injuries in case of an accident. That’s where leather jackets come in. While leather jackets won’t give you 100% protection, they are quite effective. 

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, the impact from the crash is usually cushioned by your leather jacket, thus protecting your skin. Leather jackets come equipped with padding in areas around your elbows and shoulders to offer extra protection around these high-impact areas. 

Leather jackets also offer protection against weather elements like rain since they are waterproof. So, you can always continue with your journey when you’re caught out in the rain. You can also wear them during winter to provide warmth. Modern leather jackets available at can be worn in the summer also as they’re equipped with ventilation systems to keep you cool.

The use of leather as a means of protection has been in use for thousands of years. Native people across the world used leather for clothing, armor, and even housing.  

2. For Comfort and Flexibility

Like any other activity you take part in, riding can make you feel exhausted, especially if you’re on a long journey. Exhaustion becomes even worse if you experience extreme environmental and weather conditions when passing through different regions. You’ll therefore need a leather jacket that can handle the rain, cold, hot sun, and bugs. Therefore, wearing a leather jacket that can offer you ample protection will make your journey more comfortable. 

When cruising from city to city, you’ll need a jacket that can help you maintain your flexibility and balance. You might be carrying luggage on your bike, so the last thing you need is heavy clothing that limits your body movements. When looking for a leather jacket for bikers, I advise you purchase a lightweight jacket to avoid restricting your body movement.

3. To Make a Fashion Statement

Woman posing, wearing a leather jacket

Photo by: Diana Jefimova from 

Leather jackets have gone mainstream. If they can afford one, people don’t mind investing their money in such a fantastic piece of clothing. I don’t know about you, but wearing a well-fitting leather jacket is an immediate confidence booster for me. 

The stylish aspect of leather jackets makes it possible for you to use your leather jacket as a daily piece of clothing. Such a function becomes especially handy if you’re going to be taking a long journey on your motorcycle. All you have to do is change the underlying piece of clothing, and you’ll still manage to maintain a different and sophisticated look every time. 

The opportunity to wear your leather jacket any time to most places will help you to save money on your purchase. In the long run, a leather jacket is an investment to a motorcycle rider. 

4. To Look Tough

Yeah, this is a reason too. If cops and biker gang members can wear leather jackets to look badass, then why shouldn’t you? If you want to give off that bad boy or bad girl vibe, then get yourself that cool leather jacket you’ve been fancying and hop on your bike. 

Ask around, and I’m sure you’ve also noticed that people in leather jackets always give off this fearless vibe while also coming off as attractive. And who would blame them?

So, if you think you can come up with other ideas of why motorcycle riders wear leather jackets, leave a comment in the comment section below. 

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