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Are Electric Scooters Safe for Teens?

Teen walking while carrying an electric scooter

The use of electric scooters has been widespread in today’s time. These are mostly used by teenagers and young adults. At their age, it is totally expected that they will prefer this new mode of transportation as it provides convenience, efficiency, and most of all, enjoyment.

Teens really do love riding their electric scooters or CycleBoard as they can seamlessly avoid traffic jams in the heart of the city. With this, they can easily traverse to where they are going in a more fun and exciting way. But, just like any other type of recreational vehicle, there are still dangers when riding a scooter if you don’t apply and practice all the safety and proper precautions.

But if you are a responsible teenager, who keeps in mind to ride safely, electric scooters are totally and perfectly safe for you. In order to make sure that you are riding your scooter securely, here’s what you need to do;

1. Buy good and high-quality electric scooters

Since this recreational vehicle is in demand and very salable in the market right now, there are thousands of good electric scooters for teenagers offered on the market. But even if you’re on a budget, always consider the features of a model before buying one. Opt for something that can provide safety, stability, and comfort for your teens.

Here’s what you should consider when getting a high-quality scooter; 

First, opt for disc or drum brakes as it works best compared to electric and foot brakes. It has better stopping power and can be easily controlled.

Second, get the ones with big air-filled tires as it provides more friction that results in a more stable and safe ride.

Third, get a good set of LED lights. Lights play a vital role when it comes to your safety when riding. Scooters are small in size and can hardly be noticed, especially in the nighttime. But by installing LED lights, drivers will easily spot you on the road.

2. Don’t ride when you’re under the influence of alcohol

“Don’t drink and drive” is a fundamental rule which everybody knows. The influence of alcohol can result in delayed reaction time and impaired judgment, which is very dangerous when riding an electric scooter. After all, your own safety is in your hands, and it is your responsibility.

3. Follow road safety rules

Since having a license is not a requirement when riding a scooter, many teenagers disregard following road safety rules. Again, if you want to be secure, it all depends on your actions. So, if you want to ride your scooter safely, follow the rules.

In addition to that, always wear a helmet. Invest in good-quality ones that are durable. Although it is not a requirement, it is one of the most crucial safety measures. It can surely help you prevent getting head injuries when you accidentally hit the curbs.

4. Don’t use it for tricks

As it is very handy and easy to maneuver, teenagers use it for tricks which can be very dangerous. It is not recommended at all. Just stick with using it for a fun ride experience for your own safety.

5. Choose safety-certified scooters 

Lastly, aside from getting good quality scooters, always check if it is labeled as safety certified. Look out for a UL2272 certification or standard electrical systems, which can be verified upon purchase.

Final Words

Overall, your safety is in your control. No matter what vehicle you ride, accidents are everywhere if you’re not seriously taking safety precautions. So, don’t just depend on your safety on the scooter’s quality. What’s more important is you do your part as a responsible driver.

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