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Apple’s Home Kit and Home App in iOS 10

Home App

Home App

HomeKit has been one of the much-anticipated arrivals ever since Apple announced it at their 2014 World Wide Developers Conference. It disappointed a lot of users due to its limited functionality. All that is about to change as Apple has made some major changes in the upcoming iOS 10 update. The Home app brings some exciting features and  users are once again eagerly waiting for its arrival.

The new app comes with a modern look and is placed on the home screen for easy accessibility. Home kit is built into Control Center as well so you don’t even need to launch the app. It allows you to access it from the lock screen. This saves the users the problem of having to search for the relevant app to access different appliances. The app serves as a one-stop platform to access all of your accessories.

Initial testing

Initial testing on iPhone SE shows nine favorite accessories and eight favorite scenes from in the HomeKit shortcuts in the Control Center. You can also access the full app by pressing the home button or toggle between accessories and scenes.

The first home screen will give you a summary status of what is going around your house. It also lets you customize your favorite scenes, accessories and let you arrange them accordingly. Before this update, you needed to download each accessory maker’s app to add new accessories but now, you can do it right here in the Home App.

On accessing the rooms screen, you can access different rooms in your house and swipe through them. You can assign different wallpapers to each room in order to differentiate between them. Once you are accessing a specific room, only relevant scenes and accessories will appear in order to avoid confusion. Moving on to the automation screen, this screen allows you to put HomeKit to work using various triggers to active scenes and accessories. You can use automation to perform actions based on time and location, such as turning on the lights when the sun sets.

Motion sensors and geofencing

The app also makes use of motion sensors and geofencing. You can set it to automatically turn off the lights or the air conditioning when you leave for work. Or turn accessories on just before you return home. One of the main plus points is that it is not restricted to the iPhone, but it is designed for iPad and the Apple Watch as well.  An additional bonus is that Siri can control your accessories too through voice commands. 

If you own the last generation of Apple TV, it can serve as a secure point so you have access to your home’s accessories remotely.  It features end-to-end encryption.

Check out this video for a tour of the Home App in iOS 10 and see just how smart your home can be.

All these announcements have created hype and raised the expectations of Apple users. If it works out well for the company, it is sure to get an increase in sales and new users.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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