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Apple’s Display Hardware A Loss For Japan Display

Japan Display

A Loss For Japan Display

Apple seems to be a cause of loss for Japan Display as the later expects a loss of about $240 million, or possibly up to $300 million (31.8 billion yen). The highlighted cause: Apple’s usual hardware.

Apple seems to want perfection, seeing their products and Japan Display is also expecting the prior to modify their usual display hardware from LCDs to OLED displays for future products, especially iPhone. It was reported that this modification would suppress this loss and increase profit, despite Apple’s current and expected decline in sales.

OLED displays have low power consumption and are optimal for usage. They highlight colors individually depending on the interface, making it well for dark interfaces. It is, therefore, used in the Apple watch. However, it does cost a lot more than LCD displays. LCDs, on the other hand, are more common and affordable and work better with lighter UI and are more preferred for devices when in sunlight. It doesn’t show much power savings, though.

Japan Display is working towards more OLED devices but as of yet, despite their hopes for Apple to switch to OLED, it isn’t facilitated enough to provide these screens in bulk, especially to manage the huge demand for iPhones, possibly this is the reason why Apple Watch is Apple’s only OLED displayed device so far. However, if Apple and Japan Display won’t move up quickly then other companies will take a step further in production before Apple.

It isn’t that only the display company hopes for this hardware switch, it is rumored that Apple itself plans to look forward to more energy-conserving displays. Sided with this, another rumor suggests that Apple has hoped for Samsung to supply these power conserving displays for their next Plus iPhone, which will likely be iPhone 7 Plus. To follow, news about LG’s plans to build a curved OLED processing plant has supported rumors of them supplying Apple as well. With all these mentioned, another rumor states Apple plans to adopt OLED displays in 2017, which is most unlikely. With all factors considered, 2018 seems to be the earliest possible time for this introduction. Though, the chances are such that 2019 could be the introductory year instead.

When Apple pulls up OLED displays is currently unknown. But whatever that may be, Apple needs to act smart to raise their sales from where they’re heading. Japan Display’s future profits seem dependant here as well.

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