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AppleCare+ Combo Warranty Discontinued


In the aftermath of the ‘Hey, Siri’ event, Apple has introduced a number of changes to its current stance on marketing and products. AppleCare+, the insurance policy provided by Apple for it’s products. Apple has increased the prices of the AppleCare+’s extended hardware coverage for the new iPhone models by a total of $30 to $129 and it has also discontinued the AppleCare+ Combo Warranty plan for the iPhone and the AppleWatch that was introduced earlier this year.

In April 2015, the Cupertino-based tech giant introduced a plan that included an iPhone, that would be a maximum of six months old from when the insurance policy is taken out, and an AppleWatch. The plans all differed according to the kind of AppleWatch that was insured with the combo of Apple Watch Edition + iPhone valued at the highest ($1600), to the $169 plan for an AppleWatch + iPhone and down to the lowest valued plan at $149 which consisted of an Apple Watch Sport and an iPhone. These plans can no longer be opted for as they are not offered on the Apple Online Store. It remains to be seen whether the combo packages will be reintroduced at higher prices or not.

Although the plans were extremely convenient (both devices covered in a single plan), they were not offering discounted prices to consumers than the single plans. So this is not such a drastic change as it may seem. However for some this change might be big as the AppleCare+ bundle allowed users who had bought their iPhones either months after they were released and wanted coverage of the device (or they decided to get coverage on iPhones sometime after they bought them) would not be able to get an AppleCare+ package. People who are already on the combo plans will not see their deal being affected by this change.

AppleCare+ plans provide two-year long warranties, free technical support for those two years and free repairs on two incidents of accidental damage. The plan for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will cost $129. Plans for older phones will cost $99. The AppleCare+ plan for AppleWatch Sport is for $49 and for the stainless steel (Regular) AppleWatch the plan is $69. The AppleWatch Edition plan will cost $1500. It will also include 3 years of technical support.

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