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Apple Wins Patent Battle With Baili In China


Apple’s Challenges In China

Back in November, we reported on all the challenges that Apple has been facing in regards to the iPhone 6 in Greater China.  Greater China consists of the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  The iPhone 6 was well received in China. The people loved it. However, the Chinese market is crowded with smartphones from the competition. Huawei and Xiaomi brand phones are very popular in China.  The market is also flooded with cheap knockoffs.

Patent Battle With Baili

To add to the problems Apple faced with the iPhone 6 in China a ban was placed on the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus last year.  This was prompted by a patent dispute that a Chinese company, Baili Marketing Service claimed Apple infringed on. The company sued Apple Inc. and its distribution partner Zhongfu Telecom. An official at the Patent Office in Beijing imposed the ban that halted the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China for a period. In response, Apple and Zohngfu Telecom filed a lawsuit against the Beijing Intellectual Property Office which is in the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

The Chinese company Baili requested the ban last year. They claimed that the iPhone infringed on the design of their 100c smartphone. The Beijing Court that oversees Intellectual Property overruled the ban while the case was still in appeal and allowed the iPhones to be sold. 

The Verdict

Most recently the Beijing Court said that there was not enough evidence to prove Apple infringed on the Baili design.  In addition, they said that Baili failed to provide sufficient evidence to support their claim.  They also said that one can easily tell the difference between an Apple iPhone and Baili’s 100c. Looking at the featured image in this article I would have to agree. The end result is that the court ruled in Apple’s favor regarding the patent dispute. An appeal from the plaintiffs may be forthcoming.

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