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Apple Watch Update in Mid-March

Apple Watch Update

Apple is going to launch a new iPhone called the iPhone 5se along with certain new Apple Watch models in March. The new change will include new band color options as well. There is also a rumor that new bands are going to be introduced which will be made by new materials. This will include partnerships with additional companies to Hermes, a premium fashion brand that Apple partnered with last year.

Last year Apple was discussing the possibility of pairing up with a popular third party accessory maker like Incase, but anything failed to come out of  these talks.

So this new expected March update of the Apple Watch is going to show new hardware functionality but Apple is going to formally release the WatchOS 2.2 as well. This went into developer beta stage earlier in January 2016. We found out by these betas that this software allows multiple Apple watches to be linked to a single iPhone as well as the update of the new Apple Map. It is possible that Apple is going to be introducing more enhancements for this March update in development. We are also told that a full redesign of the Apple Watch device is going to ship in the fall.

Because of all these updates and software features in the pipeline as well as the iPhone 7 and iOS 9.3 update in the workings, it is possible that Apple might be planning a small media event in March 2016. The current schedule for Apple states that there will be a small media event either on March 14th or sometime around it. It could be possible that another product will become ready for introduction and currently it might be the iPad Air 3 is going to be this product. This iPad model’s code named “iPad 6,3 and 6,4,” are now in testing. Perhaps the event will be an online announcement if these products are not ready by then.

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