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3.9 Million Apple Watch Units Sold In 3rd Quarter

Apple Watch Units Sold

Apple Watch Units Sold In 3rd Quarter

Apple’s third quarter saw good numbers for Apple Watch units sold. 3.9 million units sold to be more precise.  Apple has traditionally avoided discussing the number of Apple Watches sold in a particular period so the estimate of nearly 4 million units comes from a leading global technology market analyst firm, Canalys.

Series 3

Although these are good numbers, only 800,000 of these are estimated to be Apple Watch series 3. Most likely this was due to several issues. First being limited availability since the demand surpassed the supply. Another issue affecting the number of units sold is explained by Jason Low, a Canalys Analyst who said,

“Strong demand for the LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 has dispelled service providers’ doubts about the cellular smartwatch not appealing to customers,”

Initially, service providers were not expecting much in regards to demand. They underestimated their customers desire to signup for an Apple Watch LTE plan.

eSim in China

In October we reported on an issue that greatly affected the new Apple Watch sales potential, specifically in China. China temporarily blocked LTE access on the Apple Watch series 3 due to security concerns on September 28th. This was about a week after the Apple Watch series 3 was released.  The Chinese regulators were not able to track or confirm who is using the device. All cell phones in China use state-owned SIM cards. The Apple Watch series 3 uses an Apple-designed eSim, which the Chinese regulators did not know how to tap into.

Wearable Band Market

In spite of all these challenges, Apple Watch has captured the largest share of the wearable band market which is 23%. Xiaomi captured 21% and Fitbit 20%. With no more supply issues and with the inevitable resolution of the eSim issue in China, and the fact that we are entering into the holiday shopping season, Apple Watch series 3 should do rather well in the 4th Quarter. Of course, we will have to wait and see but it sounds like a pretty good bet.

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