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The Apple Watch is On Sale


Rumors have been flying pertaining to the line up that Apple is expected to unveil in its event next month. The new 4-inch iPhone and the iPad Air 3 seem to be set to make an appearance but there is no information on an Apple Watch update. There has been no official announcement but the fact that retailers have cut the price on the Apple Watch may be a hint. This has got a lot of people speculating that a new Apple Watch may be around the corner. Many versions of the Apple Watch have been discounted by $100 at retailers like Best Buy, Target, B&H and any possibly other authorized retailers. The 38mm Apple Watch Sports model can now be bought at a price of $249.

Retailers cutting prices is a common sight these days right before the unveiling of it successor. This has been done with products in the past and is being done now with the Galaxy S6 whose newer model is set to arrive in late February. It is thought by some that this is merely a strategy by Apple to capture market share as quickly as possible. If you have bought and used the first Apple Watch then it makes you a possible customer for future updates. Moreover, the Apple Watch is still in its infancy and there will come many updates, accessories and late adopters. It is interesting to note that since Apple Watches only work with iPhones, this can be a way to increase brand loyalty within customers. Apple, however, has only discounted the device in third-party retailers and not in its own stores as the company is a premium brand.

The event may also see the debut of the successor to the iPhone 5s in the smaller 4-inch iPhone 5se. The device is said to be modeled on the exterior of the iPhone 5s with iPhone 6-style curved cover. Internally, it will feature an A8 or A9 processor, NFC support for Apple Pay, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and while it won’t have 3D Touch, it will be capable of taking Live Photos.

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