Is Apple Watch Chip Upgradeable? Here’s A Theory

Apple S1

The forthcoming Apple Watch will be geared towards various market segments. Like many other Apple products, limited editions of the Watch will be made as well. Apple has surprised us all with a new chip design with the S1 chip. But even so, the S1 is in its infancy and buying a high-end luxury limited-edition watch that will get outdated in an year doesn’t make much sense. A possible theory has it that the S1 chip on board the Watch might be replaceable for upgrades. We discuss the question, “Is Apple Watch Chip upgradeable?” after the jump.

The radically designed S1 chip

Apple went radical with the design of the S1 chip that powers the Watch. It features a system-in-package design which is completely encapsulated in resin to protect the electronics against the elements, such as dust, impact, and wear and tear.

apple watch chip upgradeable

The chip seems to have an application processor (with a dynamic Random Access Memory of DRAM), a custom NAND flash, and a variety of sensors and I/O and power ICs – all built into a single chip. This then, is the integration of various subsystems into a single compact module. “An entire computer architecture on a single chip,” reads the description of the S1 chip. This design, as Apple puts it, is an industry first and represents a singular feat of engineering.

What does this all mean? Is Apple Watch Chip upgradeable? It means that the brain of the Watch isn’t set in stone (or metal in this case), and has the potential to be swapped out for an improved version. If not, then why go through the trouble of integrating everything into a single unit?

Enthusiasts and hardcore fans often go for the premium limited-edition products, typically made out of Gold. The Watch will be no exception, and would probably cost thousands of dollars. So what we have here is an extremely expensive watch that will get outdated with the introduction of the Watch 2.

If Apple really was to make the S1 chip swappable, it could make more sales as a result of the greater longevity of its Watches. Maybe that was the whole idea behind this new radical design.

Whatever the case, however, Apple might have built something remarkable. And if swappable chips are indeed the case, then they could revolutionize the way we buy and use gadgets.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Apple will make the S1 Chip upgradeable, unlike most of its other products?

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