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Apple Watch Fitness Tracking Turns Into a Competition

Apple Watch Fitness

Apple Watch Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch fitness has already established its reputation in different households around the globe. These watches let you keep a track of all your physical activity and allow you to successfully achieve your target calories every day. You can find the activity of your choosing and set the target on the watch and the ring closes as soon as you hit your mark.

It is basic human nature to want to outshine the people around them. Nobody likes being the second best. This is the very reason that people perform better when they are faced with competition, the stronger the competition, the better the performance and a greater the level of motivation.

Apple users are well aware of this fact and made full use of it in their latest update of their fitness watches. It was announced on the WWDC conference a couple of days back that Apple watch will now allow the users to share their workout data and activity with their friends.

This new update not only allows users to share heart rate data but also allows them to “smack talk” each other using voice messages. All of this encourages competition. Users receive notifications about their friends’ progress; including completed activity rings, finished workouts, and earned achievements. This sharing feature is also directly connected to the Messages app, so users can communicate with friends and family with new “smart replies” specially customized for activity and workouts.

“We know one of the most popular apps is activity,” said Jay Blahnik, a fitness instructor and Director of Fitness and Health technologies with Apple. “People are addicted to closing the rings. But some people are motivated by other things.”

Jay could not have been more on point. It is estimated that the usage of the Apple Watch will increase significantly due to this new sharing feature. Everybody can close the rings but this new feature motivates them to close the rings before any of their friends do and a constant string of notifications from friends and family serve as a continuous source of motivation.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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