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Apple Watch Battery: 5 Ways To Increase Your Apple Juice

Apple Watch Battery


Apple Watch Battery

The Apple Watch is an excellent device for iPhone users (unless you have a tattoo on your wrist).The Apple Watch battery can last up to 18 hours without a recharge. Battery life will vary depending on how you use it. Therefore, that means that, just like the iPhone, it will run out of juice the more you use it and the more you make it do different tasks. Let’s face it, the Apple Watch battery life may not last as long if you make a lot of demands of it. So here are 5 ways to increase your Apple Juice.”

Go Gray

Setting the Apple Watch to Grayscale in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone will increase your battery life. I personally recommend this feature if you’re really running out of juice. It will ruin part of the Apple Watch experience. Might as well put it in Power Reserve mode.

Power Reserve

Power Reserve mode can be set on the Apple Watch itself. Using Apple’s new Force Touch technology (which was also implemented into the new MacBook’s trackpad), you can press down on the display until two options pop up: Shut Down and Power Reserve. I recommend putting your Apple Watch in this mode when you are either absolutely certain that you will not need any of its features except for the time.

Lower the brightness and graphics

Lowering the brightness is, obviously, going to reduce the amount of power usage. Also, turn on “Reduce Motion” and “Reduce Transparency” in the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. To do this go to “Settings”, “Accessibility”, and turn on the two options. This will reduce the strain on the graphics card.

Disable unwanted/unnecessary features

Turning off Siri will help increase your Apple Watch’s battery life. So will turning off the heart rate sensor, the “Activity” app, and notifications.

Choose your watchface wisely

Since the watchface is the most common thing that will be on your Apple Watch, it is obvious to choose it wisely. Having a dancing Mickey Mouse or a pretty butterfly flapping its wings once in a while will force your graphics card and waste more battery life. I recommend a nice, simple, elegant watch face that has little or no animations. Also, make sure to turn ON the battery indicator to see how much juice is left on your watch.

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