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Apple Watch Bands Website Has Been Revamped

Apple Watch Bands

Apple has updated their Apple Watch website to include detailed information about the Cupertino based company’s first wearable computing device. Not only that, Apple has also made changes to the Apple Watch bands webpage. It is now much easier to browse and find the exact band you are looking for since the Apple Watch bands website has been revamped. Now that the Apple Watch has finally been released users will be actually visiting the websites and will find it more useful.

Apple Watch Bands Website Has Been Revamped 1

Previously all bands were displayed in a grid like manner on the page haphazardly, like any other accessory, and users had to wade through everything to find what they wanted. There was also very little information about the bands accompanied by a tiny image. Now, that the Apple Watch bands website has been revamped users can view bands of a specific type or size straight away. If you would rather have standard and affordable bands for your Apple Watch check this out.

The new view of the page lists items vertically as opposed to the grid like organisation it was following before. This looks much better and allows for more space so details of the displayed product can be added. Furthermore, all the bands have been categorized into sections by types. The organisation helps users locate the perfect product for themselves and improves the experience.

Each band listing belongs to a section and a brief description is also available for it. Shoppers can narrow the list by size of the watch and find what they are actually looking for. Users can also get bands in multiple colors, if an option is there, using the color changer below the images for the bands.

Apple Watch Bands Website Has Been Revamped

There is, however, still a slight problem. After you choose a color from the color changer and click on the band you want the page that opens does not have that color saved. You need to select the color again along with the size of the band (small, medium, large) to finally purchase the band.

The options available for the bands begin from $49 and go up to $449.

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