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Apple Watch Apps: Welcome To The Future

Apple Watch Apps

Apple Watch AppsApple Watch Apps: Welcome To The Future

Though Apple could not meet the initial demand for the Apple Watch, one thing is for sure—Apple Watch occupies an important space in technology innovations and experts believe that it is going to stay. According to Ray Kurzwall, a renowned technologist, “With wearable gadgets, we are just a few steps behind technological singularity”.  Apple Watch apps and technology brings us one step closer and is surely going to benefit us unquestionably in our daily lives.

Well, It’s been a month since I am wearing this watch and I am certainly getting adapted to it as it eases my life through some great apps. So, here are my 10 best Apple Watch apps that I am sure you will also like.

Dark Sky

Now this is the one app, you must be using on your iPhone already, however, on the Apple Watch, it astonishingly strikes the next level. Whenever, you see a hazy sky, or feel concerned about weather, you immediately want to know the rain forecast or weather conditions. You get a glowing notification that provides an accurate weather forecast. It feels like an incredible connection between humans, nature and technology.


Clear is in the category of productivity apps. Without a doubt, I can say that “Clear” is flexible and functional. Just ask it for reminders, schedules, to-dos and it does it all for you.


This futuristic app seems more like science fictions than reality. Have you ever thought that an app could listen to music being played in the background and tell you all the details of the song, from artist to composers. This advance in Artificial Intelligence is taking us into the future.


There are many calorie counting apps in the App world, but unfortunately few of them provide accurate information. I highly recommend Lifesum if you are serious about your calorie check routine. It precisely calculates how much food you consume, how much you actually need and, how much of a workout is needed to be in good health.


This app makes more sense with its wrist-friendly user interface to keep you aware of the route while driving or walking. According to rumors, updates will make use of artificial intelligence in the interface. Let’s see what they come up with.

6. Runkeeper

It is the most accurate running app I have found. If you are looking for an accurate app to track your pace, measure you workouts, chart your weight loss, this health app will help you set and meet your goals. Runkeeper is the one to go with.


This app enables you to set the goals for your group or team and complete levels with collective team effort and alternate notifications. Best Team Work app ever created!


It feels clumsy to sign into the website repeatedly to track the status of your shipment. The Deliveries app on Apple Watch makes it flexible while keeping you informed by showing you gentle notifications on your wrist.


Fandago removes all the hassles of booking your favorite movie tickets and to check-in at the theatre. Fandago uses scalable code technology, so imagine the possible features in future versions.


When it comes to Taxi apps, who can forget Uber. Just call your favorite taxi while standing in style with your Apple Watch.

All of these apps bring us closer to the futuristic world imagined by so many for so long. Check them out.

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