One Glass Solution Display Technology For Apple Watch 2

One Glass Solution for Apple Watch 2

One Glass Solution

A new report from DigiTimes suggests that second generation Apple watch will feature “One Glass Solution” display technology (OGS). The previous generation Apple Watch featured Glass on Glass (G/G) Technology.

Apple supplier TPK Holding talked about one glass solution display with Digitimes. They said one glass solution replaces one of the glass layers with a thinner material. While, glass on glass technology display has two layers of glass. The switch from G/G technology to the One Glass solution will allow Apple to save a small amount of internal space. The switch will also allow Apple to make Apple Watch 2 more lightweight than the previous version.

TPK Holding said that due to unexpected technical issues OGS panels productions for Apple Smartwatch suffered from a low yield rate. TPK however, added that it’s still unclear if the low yield rate will affect overall production of Apple Watch 2.

The large loss for the second quarter was mainly because touch panel orders for iPhones continued to decrease, and Apple will change touch panel technology from G/G to OGS (one glass solution) in the new Apple Watch to be launched in the second half of 2016, TPK said. The change in touch panel technology involved unexpected technological difficulties and therefore yield rates for OGS touch panels were much lower than expected, TPK explained.

Rumors suggest

Rumors suggest that the Apple Watch 2 will feature only minute design changes. However, many under the hood features are likely to be improved. These include cellular connectivity, a faster processor, and an improved battery for the second generation Apple Watch.

According to rumors Apple Watch 2 is likely to be released in fall 2016. There are also high chances of Apple watch being introduced alongside the next generation iPhones. If that is the case we may see the device debut on 16th September 2016 with pre-orders starting from the 9th of September.


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