Apple To Lease R&D Office Close to QNX


According to a report by The Ottawa Business Journal, Apple has leased a nearly 22,000 ft space in Kanata, Ontario. Now what makes this specific piece of news interesting is that this location is extremely close to BlackBerry’s QNX offices. Perhaps Apple might be looking to attract QNX employees for its operation or perhaps all of this is just a big, huge coincidence. Regardless of this, QNX is well known for its work on autonomous driving systems and because Apple seems to be interested in creating such a car the location of this newly leased office seems interesting. QNX also most recently dominated the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, in which it introduced several new platforms which can be used in autonomous driving systems.

Apple will take up residence in the G. Best Building at Kanata Research Park. Currently, this building is housing DragonWave as its main tenant. Even the logo of DragonWave is present on the building.

The suite is called suite 300 and is described by KRP as a;

“full-floor office suite with executive boardroom, meeting rooms, several offices, server room, lunchroom, showers, private balconies and lab space.”

Before you get ahead of yourself let us just remind you that a lot of times companies buy more offices near their competitors to attract new talent or new engineers. Employees are more likely to get recruited if they don’t have to relocate.

There have recently been talks that Apple is trying to expand its overseas R&D operations. So recently it was stated according to a report from print publication Nikkei Electronics that Apple is trying to use its Japanese research center of Yokohama in its talent search for local talent which specializes in material science, vehicles and health industries. Apple is also going to start looking towards expanding its existing R&D facilities in countries such as China, Israel and Cambridge, UK.

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