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Teaching Resources In The Apple Teacher Learning Center

Apple Teacher Learning Center

Apple Teacher Learning Center

The education resources that were announced at Apple’s recent education event caught my attention.  I thought that they would require a .edu email address or some other educator identifier of some kind, but no. I was pleased to learn that I could signup with my Apple ID and password in the Apple Teacher Learning Center.

This is good news for parents who own Apple products who want to take an active role in their child’s education. You may be an Apple user at home but if your child’s school is not using Apple products in their curriculum they could be left out of the learning potential these products offer.

You can explore what is available and use your imagination to create your own curriculum. My Hero Academia Quiz can also be a handy resource.

Earn Badges

Go to the Apple Teacher Learning Center. This is where you will find a number of learning resources. You can choose a learning path from here as well. Your starting point will be either iPad or Mac.  I chose Mac to start.  Here is where teachers can earn badges by taking quizzes. Passing a short quiz on each resource page earns you a badge. Earn all the badges and you are now considered an Apple teacher.

Test Your Knowledge

The Mac option tests your general knowledge of Mac features. There are also quizzes on Mac applications that may apply in an education setting. The same scenario goes for the iPad option. Test your knowledge of iPad features and move on to app-specific quizzes. You can even earn badges for coding.

There is another feature that an Apple-savvy parent can take advantage of. Everyone Can Create Curriculum.  This focuses on learning the fundamental skills for creating videos, editing photos, drawing, music and more. The idea is to bring more creativity into everything your child does in and out of school. Here you can introduce your student to the apps built into every iPad like iMovie, Clips, Pages, and GarageBand. There are free Teacher and Student guides you can download and add to iBooks.

More To Come

Additional apps for educators like Schoolwork and Classroom will be coming soon.  I don’t know if these will be available to parents at this time.  Once I know more I’ll pass that information on to you here.

Apple has hit a home run in regards to providing an affordable platform for teachers and students.  If you have a child in school, share what you learn in the Apple Teacher Learning Center with your school’s administrators.

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