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Apple Support—Rising To A New Level

Apple Support

It’s a well know fact that companies that are customer-centric are successful. This is the way it should be since without customers you have no business.  You can have the best-designed products, the best innovations but if your customers are left without what they need when they need it you will never gain their loyalty. Apple Support is customer-centric and contributes to the brand loyalty demonstrated by Apple Customers everywhere.

Apple Support

Apple support systems are among the best in the tech industry.  It’s as if they spent as much time designing their service/support delivery systems as they do on their products.  From Apple Care to the extensive knowledge base, the Apple community, software updates, knowledgeable employees at Apple Retail to workshops and the Genius Bar, Apple does what it takes to keep their customers well served and educated in the use of their products.

Genius Bar

Being able to walk into your local Apple Store and get a seat at the Genius Bar and be face to face with someone who can understand the issue and execute a solution is a rewarding experience. Initially, the only problem was waiting for your appointment after walking in and hoping to get a seat at the bar sooner rather than later.  There was usually a considerable wait so you can end up feeling that you’ve wasted a chunk of your day. Of course now you can make a reservation and it is highly recommended.  Just open the Apple Store app and click on Genius Bar then click on Make a Reservation. You then need to pick your product and choose a store.


Last February the process improved somewhat when Apple introduced an algorithm that prioritized customer issues according to severity. You go to the Apple Store tell an employee what the problem is which they enter and can then provide an estimated wait time.  You give the employee your phone number and receive three text messages that first confirm the reservation, then tells you to start heading back to the store and third, that the technician is ready and available.

We can thank Retail Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts not only for the customer experience while  in an Apple Retail Store, but for the improvements to service and support overall.

An App For That

Soon, Apple will be adding another level of service. MacRumors recently reported, “Apple appears to be working on an iOS app that will provide customers with easy access to Apple support staff, troubleshooting tips, and repair options for their iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices.“  They go on to say, “the app is tied to an Apple ID and will automatically list all of the devices that each person owns, giving them direct access to pre-defined troubleshooting problems, much like Apple’s support site does now. From there, it walks users through all of the available support options. It’s said to be “highly interactive and well integrated.”


As an ex-support manager in the software industry myself, I am a big fan of providing easily accessible, centralized support resources for customers. Apple appears to be taking this to a new level and I applaud their efforts.

Source: MacRumors
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