Apple Support App Saves You A Trip To The Apple Store

Apple Support App

Apple Support App

Accidental damage is something that is very common among technology users. Whether you drop your iPhone in the toilet or accidentally bang your Apple Watch on the wall, there is a special feature on the iPhone, well, the App Store specifically, that can help. Apple recently released their Apple Support App, a feature that not many knew existed. This app can actually save you a trip to the Apple Store, one that can be very long for many, especially in remote or less populated areas as Apple Stores tend to be in big cities.

An Apple Genius On Your Device

The Apple Support App is basically an Apple Genius on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The Apple Support App icon literally looks like a blue Apple Store employee shirt. The app gives you all the basic Apple device support you could need. By logging into your Apple ID, the Apple Support App automatically syncs the basic hardware information of every device connected with the account. You can also look up help or information for other Apple devices, even if one is not linked to the Apple ID that is on the app also allows you to check out specific articles from Apple like “How to backup your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch”, “Use Messages on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch”, and “Take and edit photos with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.”

Help and Support

The app offers help and support for a variety of problems and/or situations.

  • Battery, Power and Charging provide help with things like the inability to power on, unresponsive displays, and even Smart Battery Case support.
  • System Performance helps with software updates, email issues, syncing content, etc.
  • Cellular and Wifi” support ranges from iMessage problems to AirPlay issues
  • Apple ID and Password gives help for those unable to access their Apple ID account or have another problem with it.

Apple also has a section for repairs and physical damage. This section’s topics range from broken screens to software issues. Luckily, Apple includes their contact information in the app so that you can contact them just in case.

The Apple Support App is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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