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Apple Store Now Offers New Screen Protection For Your iPhone

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All of us have had to sometimes text through a broken iPhone screen or look at an image from the cracked iPhone screen after dropping it on the floor by mistake, and we all hate it. We also hate the fact that we have to pay more than $100 to get it repaired from the iPhone stores.

The alternative to facing this situation is using a screen protection that cost around $34.99 but the trouble you have to go through to apply it to your screen is no fun either! You need to be precise while applying a screen protector so that you don’t end up having an askew protector. Apple has finally announced a solution to this problem and every clumsy person out there is really happy to hear it.

Apple has now joined hands with Belkin, a top rated consumer electronics manufacturing company, in order to facilitate its users. Apple and Belkin together have devised a machine that can apply a protective glass screen or an antiglare screen to an iPhone flawlessly. According to CNET the machine, Screencare+ Application system will be installed in all Apple retail stores.

But there’s a downside to this announcement as well, it won’t be available for all iPhones. This service will be available to owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and their plus versions. There are two options available for the protector at different prices. The first option you can avail is having an Inviglass shatter proof screen protection for $35. The second option you can avail is to get an Anti-glare protector for your iPhone for $20. However, like CNET’s Scott Stein you may find it odd that there are two options available whereas all of us would want only one protector that has both.   

Having said that, we have all been waiting to hear this announcement, and Apple sure did take its time to introduce it. Now let’s just hope this technology will be available when 5se and iPhone 7 arrive in March and September, respectively.   

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