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Apple Policy Update, Third-Party Screen Repair Now Allowed Without Voiding Warranty

Screen Repair

Third-Party Screen Repair

Apple has updated its ancient policy about third-party screen repairs for the iPhone. A note sent to Apple’s retailers says that third-party screen repairs will not annul the warranty. Previously, the user’s warranty was deemed void if this was the case.

Apple Authorized Service Centers are required to examine the device before repairing. This enables them to avoid tampering and fraud and allows them to begin the repair process. However, the repair must not be screen related as this would make the change futile.


Conversely, terms and conditions are applicable in the new policy. If the third-party screen repair is unsuccessful in removing the issue, the warranty voids. Furthermore, the third-party screen must not harm the iPhone during the repair process. In all such cases, the warranty will be deemed void and the user will have to pay for the repairs. This stands even if a new part is to be added in place of the third-party part. Additionally, if the device needs to be replaced, the user will have to pay.

Moreover, if the problem is cause by the third-party screen, the user will have to pay for the repair. Otherwise, Apple will send the user back entirely. Also, the user will pay if they want the third-party screen to be replaced. In this case, users will be charged the non-warranty price. Unsurprisingly, even AppleCare+ will not help the user.

Apple Showing Flexibility

Previously, the warranty was considered useless if the device had a third-party screen installed. This would mean that Apple will not perform any repairs on the device. The new change allows users a little more flexibility. Users can now get their phones repaired even if they used third-party services at one instance.

Apple has made authorized screen replacements much more feasible for users in the past. Apple brought some changes to AppleCare+ in the previous year making screen repairs affordable and speedy for users. A new $29 screen repair option made it easy for users to get screens repaired with genuine parts.

Apple brings a few drawbacks with the new screen replacement policy. However, the newly found acceptance of third party repairs is intriguing. The new changes do not only affect the US and Canada but are worldwide. Let us see how the new policy helps users out in approaching third-party repair vendors.

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