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Apple Pay Canada Launches Today

Apple Pay Canada

Apple Pay is expected to launch in a third country tomorrow. According to Customer service representatives of American Express as quoted in a blog post on iPhone in Canada, Apple Pay Canada will debut on Tuesday. American Express is partnering with Apple Pay for the launch. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was quoted last month saying that the facility would become available to American Express customers in Canada and Australia later in 2015.

Apple Pay was introduced in America last year and was introduced to Britain in July this year. By using an iPhone 6 or an Apple Watch, Apple Pay allows Apple consumers to pay for items on the go at selected retailers. This is made possible by using the Near Field Communication (or NFC) technology. For those who use iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 4 solely in-app purchases can be made through this facility.

For the mobile payment services the competition is now even more intense as Android Pay (which was launched this year in September and is available on Android phones with 4.4 KitKat or more) and Samsung Pay (launched in October) have made their respected debuts in the market. Samsung pay seems to be the most capable of all mobile paying services as it combines NFC payments with Magnetic Secure Transmission and this makes it compatible with any credit card reader.

Both Andriod Pay and Samsung Pay are however only available in America as Apple Pay continues to break ground in other regions at an alarming pace.

Apple has been in talks with six of the largest Canadian banks since April for a November release of the facility according to the Wall Street Journal. However Apple had to bypass those banks and partner solely with American Express as the negotiations were dragging according to The Globe and Mail.

American Express is only used in a small percentage of the credit card transactions made in Canada. And as no Canadian bank offers American Express cards that are usable with Apple Pay, the tech giant decided to directly deal with American Express for the Canadian market.

After Apple Pay is launched in Canada and Australia, it is expected that Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong will be premiering the services in 2016.

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