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Apple Overhauls iOS Maps with New Design

iOS Maps

New Design For iOS Maps

The iOS 10 update was perhaps the biggest announcement of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference held earlier in June. In addition to the Operating System, a great number of applications are also being updated and taken to a new level. One of these applications is the Maps app.

iOS Maps is getting a complete makeover. The look of the maps has not been changed, but they have focused on the interface and given it an “all new design”. The app now allows you to see much more of the map when you open it. The turn by turn navigation view that previously restricted you to only view your current location now allows you to move the view around even while the navigation is ongoing. This allows you to look at potential stops along your route.

iOS MapsThis is only scratching the surface. Apple Maps has always tried to compete with Google Maps, but they have never really reached the same popularity. All of this is about to change as Apple has taken some steps into remedying that. The Maps application is being opened to third party developers. Apple says that with the new update you will be able to search for restaurants using OpenTable as well as book a ride with Uber, none of this was possible in the previous version.

One of the new features of Apple Maps is the suggestions. Opening the application and sliding up opens the suggestions. The Maps know according to your routine and the time of day where you might be headed and it automatically suggests places, saving you the time to search it every time. It also suggests places by taking a look at the events calendar and if there is a special occasion, the app will automatically suggest a venue for you.

This latest update of Apple Maps is a huge improvement and the developers at Apple feel that it might finally bring them at par with Google Maps.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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