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Apple’s First iOS Developer Academy

iOS developer academy

iOS Developer Academy

Apple is going to open the first ever iOS Developer Academy in the University of Naples Federico II. The academy will be located in the institution’s new campus.

200 students will take part in the program. Apple and University of Naples have worked together to set up the course content. The course will be completed in a period of nine months.

Lucas Maestri, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, said the company is excited about the collaboration with the University of Naples. Lucas Maestri believes the academy will bring forward skilled professionals in the future.

In the first semester, students will learn how to code. In the second semester, students will learn how to become successful entrepreneurs. Throughout, the course students will learn how to design successful iOS apps. According to Mac Rumors, students will perform individual and group tasks. These tasks will involve making successful apps for App Store.

75,000 jobs in Italy are provided by Apple. Apple aims to increase this number in the future with skilled professionals from the iOS Developer Academy.

Apple plans to introduce the iOS Development Academy in other countries as well. However, Apple has not disclosed where the academy will be opened in the future. In addition to this program, Apple is planning to build a design and development center in Hyderabad, India. This project will be completed by 2017. According to Macerkopf, Apple plans to open more institutions in the future.

Want to join?

So, are you interested in studying at the Naples iOS Development Academy? Do you want to join the course? All you have to do to join the Academy is submit online applications on the official University of Naples website. Not to mention, the program is free of cost for European students. However, students will have to pass English or Italian language tests.  Moreover, students can also avail scholarships to cover living expenses. Furthermore, if you want to join the Academy as a teacher, you can sign up for the program online. The course will start in October 2017.

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