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The Apple News App

News App

iOS 9

Apple’s new iOS 9 comes with a number of new features. Apple made iOS 9 possible for a large number of devices. Depending on which device will determine which features are available to you. For the iPad, iOS 9 brings a lot of new features including split-screen and the ability to multitask, even with video. These are practical on an iPad with its larger screen. Apple did provide us with enough features for the iPhone to satisfy our hunger for some Silicon Valley innovation.

New Features

iOS 9 for iPhone includes a new design for the app switcher, a new Apple-designed font, a new ‘Low Power Mode’, a new Passbook (Formerly Wallet), public transit directions, easy access to iCloud, annotate email attachments, a bunch of new features in Notes, Find My Friends and call Siri from anywhere, and more. 

News App

One of my favorites is the News app. Although I still need to play around with it a little more, from what I see it’s safe to say that this is an awesome app and just what I needed. I like to go on CNN and CNET in the morning to see the news. Now I have both sources in one place and more. The News app was introduced at WWDC this past June and has been, I think, underestimated. It’s power and usefulness that it brings to your iOS device, well at least for me, is amazing.

The News app is a collection of different articles from selected sources and topics, which you select when you set up the app although you can still edit them once selected. It takes these articles and organizes them in a simple yet elegant way, which is typical for Apple’s devices and software. The design is beautiful and very well- organized. You can choose to select from featured and/or recommended sources. The ‘Search’ bar allows you to search for sources and articles. Also, you can save articles to your ‘Saved’ tab.

The layout for the articles is similar to that of the Reader View in Safari that was introduced in iOS 8. There isn’t much clutter in the relationship between the words, pictures, and videos. Some of the sources include CNN, CNET, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, Men’s Health, and many more and on so many different topics. I personally like technology, nature, photography, and space exploration so this app is very useful and makes my collecting of information so much easier.

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