Apple And NASA Join Hands For “Visions Of Harmony” Short Film


Apple is going to space with NASA. The Cupertino-based company and maker of the iconic iPhone have partnered with NASA on the eve of the Juno mission.

For those you who are hearing about this for the first time; Juno, the spacecraft was first deployed by NASA in 2011. After nearly five years en route to Jupiter, Juno is set to arrive in Jupiter’s polar orbit on July 4. From there, it will study the planet’s poles, composition, atmosphere, magnetosphere, weather, and gravity.

Apple And NASA “Visions Of Harmony”

The partnership has produced a short film called “Visions of Harmony,” which Apple says details “the link between exploring space and making music.” It features songs from artists like Weezer and Nine Inch Nails front man, Reznor. The short film itself comes in at roughly 9 minutes long and includes an interview with Juno principal investigator Scott Bolton, as well as live performances from Corrine Bailey Rae, Quin, and others. Apple set up a Destination Jupiter page Thursday on iTunes. The songs sell for $1.29 a piece.

NASA will also send back sounds of space for artists to make music with, to be featured on Apple’s iTunes and the Apple Music subscription service.

A spokesperson for Apple had this to say:

Apple is collaborating with NASA and team Juno to provide education and inspiration throughout the historic journey. Hear music celebrating the mission, by some of today’s most imaginative recording artists. Watch a powerful video that looks at the connection between space exploration and creative expression.”

The film is themed around NASA’s Juno probe and tries to connect the seemingly disparate worlds of space exploration and music. Speaking to USA Today, Apple and NASA said that there is no monetary agreement between the two parties, just an agreement to work together. “The goal is to make science and technology more accessible and relatable to everyone,” said Apple vice-president Robert Kondrk.

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