Apple Named Most Valuable Brand By Interbrand

Valuable Brand

Apple Named Most Valuable Brand

Fourth Years in Row

Apple Inc. tops the latest “Best Global Brands” report by Interbrand. For the last four years, Apple has been in the lead in the race to be the most valuable brand. The report reveals the anatomy of growth. It also features an insider’s view of how great brands grow great businesses. Interbrand’s seventeenth annual report analyzes how different brands help grow businesses from delivering on customer expectations to driving economic value.


Google has been a direct competitor of Apple in many mediums. Yet the iPhone maker has still maintained its position of the best global brand. Apple’s brand value grew by 5 percent to US $178,119m, while Google’s brand value rose 11 percent to US $133,252m.

Interband elaborates on the key to Apple’s successful business model. According to Interbrand tech companies have helped to redefine the meaning of branding.

“It is a technology company that leads innovation with their products and software platforms. It provides seamless experiences across devices. And empowers people with breakthrough services.”

Moreover, Interbrand believes that a company’s ecosystem is the biggest contributor to the value of the brand.

“The fastest growing businesses in the world and the strongest brands are those with the most cohesive business systems. […]

The Apple Ecosystem

Apple shows how ecosystems drive value. Analysts have often pointed out that “They have superior products.” While true, this opinion undersells the brilliance of Apple’s functionally- integrated model. Its software, hardware, and touchpoints are connected not just by beautiful design aesthetics. But by a level of interoperability that justifies the Apple premium and discourages defections to another platform.

And the more data you share, the more personal it becomes. Adding new devices is painless and the thought of switching increasingly unpromising. It is the Alpha of Cohesiveness in full effect.”

The Cupertino-based company remains the world’s most valuable company with a $611 billion market cap.

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