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Apple Lawsuit with Samsung Continues

Apple lawsuit

The Apple lawsuit with Samsung appears to be ongoing since it has been revealed that Apple is demanding from its rival tech company, Samsung, to pay an additional $180 million in the companies long-running patent dispute. Last year Apple and Samsung agreed to a truce regarding overseas patents but the case regarding U.S. patents lingers on now that Apple has filed for an additional 180 million.

This demand from Apple came less than two weeks after the South Korean multinational conglomerate company finally agreed to pay Apple $548 million in accordance with the original verdict. But now the legal team of the Cupertino-based company believes that it is owed additional money for interest and supplemental damages related to five phone models sold after 2012 when Samsung was first found guilty of infringing Apple’s patents.

A motion was filed by Apple in a US District Court in California. It’s still ambiguous which Samsung phones Apple is seeking damages for because most of the documents are kept hidden from public viewing at the moment. The filing came into notice by patent expert Florian Mueller.

iPhone makers initially asked for $2.5 billion when the lawsuit kicked off in 2011 but the figure was brought down to less than $1 billion in the 2012 verdict. In May, a U.S. Appeals court lowered the number by another 382 million.

There is yet another battle to be fought between Apple and Samsung in March in another trial regarding remaining damages related to the appeals court decision.  The case will be heard in the California federal court, in San Jose, CA.

As a side note, whatever Apple’s losses are at the end of this battle will likely be made up in market share. Over the holidays, 49.1 % of all new devices activated are Apple products.  Samsung came in second with its share of the pie coming in at 19.8%.  Nokia’s piece of the pie was enough to retain third place but its slice was reduced from 5.8% to 2%.

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