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Apple Launches New Browser For Developers

New Browser

New Browser For Developers

Are you a developer working on web technologies on your Mac? If you are we have good news for you! Last Wednesday, Apple released a new browser specifically for developers. The new browser is called the “Safari Technology Preview”. You can find the app in your dock; the app icon is similar to the Safari browser icon except it is in purple color rather than the traditional blue. The browser will provide users with an enhanced WebKit and other web technologies. The Safari Technology preview will help developers optimize their code for these technologies before they are featured on the Apple devices. This browser allows developers to experiment with the upcoming technologies and add them to their websites and extensions.

The notice on Apple’s website states “Safari Technology Preview gives you an early look at upcoming web technologies in OS X and iOS including the latest layout technologies, visual effects, and developer tools so you can provide input on how they are implemented and deliver a best-in-class user experience on all Apple devices,”

The browser features the latest versions of the Webkit, Web Inspector, and Responsive Design Mood tools. These tools will not only help developers in modifying and debugging but also in optimizing their websites. The built-in Bug-Reporter tool will allow users to report their feedback.

You can update the Safari Technology Preview via the Mac App Store to get the latest improvements in the WebKit. You won’t have to worry about losing your favorites and bookmarks because they will be available by turning on iCloud sync.

The browser also features many improvements in the web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. The major improvements that HTML will feature are the latest implementation of the Shadow DOM specification and support for Content Security Policy Level 2.

To download Safari Technology Preview, click on this link.

To get more information about the latest improvements in HTML, CSS and JavaScript go to the WebKit blog.

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