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Apple iPhone 8 To Remove Lightning Port

Lightning Port

No Lightning Port

The Wall Street Journal has presented a report describing their thoughts about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. They explained that Apple will remove the lightning port from iPhone. A USB-C port will replace the old connector and will help create uniformity in the smartphone industry.

Previous Speculations

Moreover, the article endorsed the previous speculations regarding the upcoming iPhone 8. WSJ talked about the addition of an OLED screen and a new function area. WSJ went on to mention the removal of a Home Button and Touch ID sensor. A new iPhone 8 variant will present a fresh new design language and a wide array of innovative features. A bezel-less display is also expected to show up this time around.

Previous reports have claimed that the new iPhone will bring a 5.8Inch screen and an upgraded battery. The iPhone 8 will house this new display within the 4.7inch footprint that the current iPhone has. WSJ did not mention their take on the speculations regarding a 3D front camera and facial recognition.

iPhone 8 Price

Additionally, the iPhone 8 is predicted to bring a hefty price point of around $1000. The article talks about a 10th anniversary edition iPhone but it is unclear if Apple will adopt this marketing strategy. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will get regular yearly updates and will follow the conventional price range.

Apple And The USB-C

This article is the first to predict the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB-Type-C port. However, considering WSJ’s past reputation with Apple predictions, it seems highly likely to be true. Apple has a history of adopting the USB-C port technology with the MacBook range. The 2016 MacBook Pro removed all the previous I/O ports and added USB-C ports instead.

However, on the iOS side of things, this would definitely be a first. Previously, Apple has used only Apple exclusive ports. The Apple Lightning port was introduced in 2012 and before that, a 30 pin dock connector was used. The upcoming iPhones, currently nicknamed as the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will release in fall 2017.

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