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Apple iBooks in China

iBooks in China

iBooks in China

China is the largest market for buying Apple products and application downloads. The market in China is eager to try out the new offering by the third largest smartphone company in the world. The Chinese market is so loyal that they would do anything to get their hands on the latest gadgets by Apple. To please their loyal consumers in China, Apple will be launching iBooks in China, along with Apple Music and iTunes Movies as well.

Apart from the Chinese market, the publishers are pretty exuberant about the news as well. They not only get better and bigger exposure but also gain a wider consumer market. Almost everyone in China has a smartphone and many of them are buying the iPhone, even with the rumors that the iPhone is priced slightly higher in China. This paves the way for more people downloading the iBook application and would be enthusiastic to read ebooks. The launch of iBooks in China expands American publishers’ horizons as well.

One could safely say that China is an emerging market for ebooks. The country was the guest of honor at Book Expo America that focused on the rising digitalization of books and emerging technology in the field. Five years ago, the country saw its first ebook via Kobo and just three years ago, Amazon also launched its Kindle, Kindle paper white and Fire HD in China. The Chinese are enthusiastic people who enjoy reading. They certainly have enjoyed reading ebooks and researchers predict that the launch of iBooks would see a greater response than the previous launches by competitors.

The iBook store in China will offer consumers a wide range of books along with free books in Chinese by local publishers. Also, the popular Twilight series will also be coming in digital format for the first time. The Chinese lovers of the popular teen vampire drama will now be able to read the books on their iPhones. Thanks to iCloud, consumers can enjoy iBooks on any of their Apple devices and the device remembers where you left off and all of your purchases can be accessed on any device.

Along with iBooks, Apple will be making sure that Apple Music and iTunes Movies bring variety and are curated carefully by experts. The spokesperson for Apple said that the Chinese love the App Store and that is why Apple China, as a token of their appreciation, will be offering the latest hit Chinese movie, “The Taking of Tiger Mountain” for free for a limited time.

Apple is certainly set to please its huge consumer base in China and will be seeking to bring more to the App Store in time.

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