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Apple Humor

Apple Humor

Humor is a necessity of life.  It takes the pressure off and can defuse an otherwise uncomfortable situation.  For example, Einstein’s advice on studying takes the pressure off, even if only for a moment. With the Internet, we’ve got this nailed.

“Never memorize something that you can look up.” ― Albert Einstein

Source: Quotes About Humor (34260 quotes)

We tend to take ourselves and the things we believe in too seriously, too often.  Well, this article will point to Apple humor in a number of humorous video parodies that poke fun at the devices we love—our Apple products.  You may have seen some of these, or all of them, or none of them.  If you haven’t seen these then enjoy the ride.  If you have, take a second look and enjoy the ride.  If there is supposed to be a lesson in this, let it be that if someone has a different opinion about something you revere, find the humor in that.  The point is to have fun.  Enjoy!

Nail Clipper Air Parody

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011, “So thin and light……” This video demonstrates how the new Nail Clipper Air will change your life forever!


The iPhone 6 (Parody) Ad: A Taller Change

Published on Sep 19, 2012 Proving that size does matter. The feature upgrade you won’t be able to miss!


From the Colbert Report before the Apple Watch was available

Apple introduces its smartwatch, but a distant release date means that consumers will have to find another way to communicate with their wrists in the meantime. (3:52)

Source: Apple Unveils Its Smartwatch


Meet the iPhone 6 (Parody)

Published on Sep 4, 2014

Introducing iPhone 6 Trailer: It’s super, super good. iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing:


Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000



New Apple MacBook 2015 – PARODY


Tired of laptops having too many features, Apple took up some scissors and started innovating!!


Introducing the all new Apple Logo Watch!!

Whoops, we might have put the cameras on the wrong side.

Published on Sep 10, 2014



IDIOTS – iPhone Parody

Published on Nov 22, 2013

IDIOTS is a great Apple iPhone Parody, that makes you think. In the video you can see robots, they should be people just as each of us and they buy the iPhone 4. They play with it and share things with their friends. But then, a big robot comes and makes all the iPhones not work anymore. The robots are sad, but in the Apple-Store, the new iPhone is available.





The Apple Watch (Parody)



“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

If your favorite Apple parody isn’t listed here, let us know and we’ll add it to the list (as long as it’s not too raunchy). 


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