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Apple Hints At Strong Apple Watch Sales

Apple Watch sales

Apple Watch Sales

Apple has recently released the fiscal results for 2017’s first quarter and things are looking good all around. However, one product that has been missing in these reports is Apple Watch sales. Whilst Apple eagerly announces sales figures for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, it reluctantly holds back on the Apple watch.

Apple still hasn’t posted concrete sales figures for the Apple Watch, instead choosing to group it with other similar products in earnings calls. Contrary to what Apple’s behavior implies, Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, said that the Apple Watch is selling rather well.

Cook’s claims

According to Tim Cook, the Apple Watch was selling so fast that they “couldn’t make enough” of them. Cook went on to say that the Apple Watch has been generating record high revenue numbers in this first quarter. Cook also hinted at how “thrilled” Apple is by the performance of Apple Watch series 2.

Apple has not explicitly shared the Apple Watch sales figures, instead, it lumped it in with some of Apple’s other miscellaneous products. These products include the Apple TV, Apple’s Beats headphones and speakers, AirPods and the iPod. This category collectively brought in $4.02 billion, which is less than last years $4.35 billion. This raises some eyebrows since Cook alluded heavily to Apple Watch’s success. However, with such a wide array of products in the category, we cannot easily lay blame on the Apple Watch.

The Future

The Apple Watch has not become a staple for the public like the iPhone or iPad are. Even devoted Apple fans have recently stopped wearing theirs, as the novelty has worn off. It was always assumed that the Apple Watch sold reasonably well for the particular niche it filled. But with Apple making bold statements as to its success, one can assume that if the product was to reach its true potential in the future, it would become a household standard like Apple’s other products.

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